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The Ghosts of Prospects Past 6 - June 22nd

The Sixth Instalment of the Ghost Series which looks at former prospects and players the Jays have traded or allowed to walk away from the team in recent seasons.

Just a bunch of familiar faces from yesteryear applying their trade on new teams
Just a bunch of familiar faces from yesteryear applying their trade on new teams
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

For PART 5 click there.

Welcome to the next instalment of our now-six part series remembering fondly the prospects and players we've traded or let walk away. Good news; if the comment section of most Game Recaps the last week or so have their way I should have more names to add to the list!

I know I'm excited!

Now, it should be noted I got stung by a bee yesterday and as I'm both allergic and fearful of bee's I'm in a fairly bad mood. So my sarcasm and cynicism are at an all-time high, especially for prospects who struggled the last two weeks and thus hurt my narrative! I'm in NO mood for their narrative harshing slumps...

...Onto the Ghosts...

For New Comers: Stats are used from June 8th to the 21st, all Defensive Metrics are seasonal however. And all views and opinions are heavily weighted in bias and sarcasm but the statistics are solid.

It appears as though the shine has begun to come off Anthony Gose, which at very least makes reporting his stats more palatable while Devon Travis is injured.  His BABIP kingdom has leveled off to slightly more acceptable norms (about .296 for this stretch) and his.222/.263/.250 slash in the last 10 games shows what you'd expect from a guy who was riding a .400+ BABIP for a long time.

His defensive metrics continue to paint a picture contrary t the generally accepted narrative of Anthony Gose's skillset as he sits 21st in UZR (-4.0) among 24 qualified CF's. His RZR of .910 is good for 17th but puts him well behind Kevin Pillar (just saying...)...

Last 10 Games:  .222/.263/.250 (41 wRC+) with 3 stolen bases and a double
Season: .278/.317/.373 (91 wRC+) with a 0.3 WAR, 11 SB's and a Homer.

A 39.3% K rate was the first number I saw when looking at Colby's last stretch and boy, did I think I knew what to expect. And then I saw he's riding a .545  BABIP for this period and I don't know what to think, anymore.

Basically, Colby is raking. And has been since last update except this one comes with some power in the form of two home runs in 8 games. A 215 wRC+ for this stretch... Basically teasing his upper level potential like he tends to do sometimes. He's actually having a very good season.

He doesn't qualify for defensive metrics in any one position because he plays all three outfield spots. In LF, his primary spot this season, he has a -1.2 UZR and an .872 RZR and in CF he has a UZR of 1 and an RZR of .897.

Last 8 Games
: .333/.429/.708 (215 wRC+) a 14.3% BB Rate and 2 HR's
Season: .254/.325/.514 (133 wRC+) with 10 HR's and a 1.4 WAR

I said this in one of the threads but if Brett Lawrie hadn't started the season with a -5 wRC+ and hadn't been among the worst regulars in baseball the first few weeks we could be talking about Brett Lawrie as an All-Star candidate.

Since April 28th (again, I use THAT day because it was the start point of a previous Ghost article, thus making it easier for me to evaluate from that period) he has hit .320/.356/.478 with a wRC+ of 137 and 5 homers. He's basically been the Brett Lawrie we hoped we traded Shaun Marcum for.

His defense hasn't been what we expect from him though. His -3.0 UZR is in the bottom three of the league though his RZR (.735) is 11th of 23 qualified 3B.

As I often say, Josh Donaldson is amazing and a gift from the Gods (I pray to Billy Beane at night, idk about you) but I don't think we can rightfully suggest Oakland didn't pick up a pretty good player or two in return. We got the superstar, but they didn't get nothing.

Last 12 Games: .318/.375/.477 (144 wRC+) a HR, 4 doubles, 8 RBI
Season: .291/.327/.422 (112 wRC+) with 6 HR's and a 1.1 WAR

I don't like when Travis Snider gets to play Toronto... He tends to own our pitchers souls... And by that I mean in 33 AB's he's hitting .364/.432/.576 with a HR, two doubles, and a triple... and was 5 of 8 in the weekend series... For this stretch he has given his fans reason to be happy hitting .324/.395/.588 with a 172 wRC+.

Like Rasmus he plays multiple positions so his metrics don't qualify but in LF/RF he has a 2.1 UZR and an .870 RZR but I can't honestly know how that stacks at either position.

Last 9 Games
:  .324/.395/.588 (172 wRC+), a HR, triple, four doubles, six RBI's.
Season: .274/.349/.395 (108 wRC+) 2 HR's, 6 Dbl's, with a 0.7 WAR

Well, he came back from injury and then was promptly injured again on a play at the plate... I mean, I hate having the Dickey trade rubbed in our faces as much as the next guy but I'd rather d'Arnaud not keep getting hurt to save us from the grief his potential could cause... If all the ex-Jays were as prone to freak injury as TDA I'd never have a series to write...

In those 8 games he has a .267/.313/.533 triple slash with a 136 wRC+ two homers and two doubles. I don't have his defensive metrics in front of me. I sort of forgot he was back amidst all the Syndergaard hype so I'll have it all for you next time.

Last 8 GP
: .267/.313/.533 (136 wRC+) 2 HR's, 2 Dbl's
Season: .296/.338/.535 (143 wRC+) with 4 HR's and a 0.9 WAR

Last update I talked about how seeing Hech hit the ball well was difficult as someone who doesn't like the defense we presently employ at SS. As someone who didn't buy into the "Reyes' bat makes up for his glove" narrative which falls apart if Hechavarria hits well, watching the SS we could have had playing well dredged up old feelings of disdain for the 2012 trade... So, you might think seeing Hech hit .191/.269/.234 over his last 14 games would be easier to watch, because Reyes for all his faults is still an elite bat.

It is.

While is UZR of 5.4 sits 4th in the MLB and his RZR of .801 sits 6th, basically elite defensive metrics, his recent struggles at the plate appease the soul. Even though his season numbers are practically identical to Reyes' I suspect Jose will go up and Adeiny may still drop...

Or so I hope.

Last 14 Games: .191/.269/.234 (30 wRC+)
Season:  .286/.324/.392 (93 wRC+), 3 HR, 11 Dbl, 3 Triples, and a 1.6 WAR

Not a great time in the career of Jake Marisnick who has basically been struggling for a few updates now. His seasonal numbers are beginning to fall to the point where he may no longer be an acceptable regular right now.

His defensive metrics of -0.9 and .911 place him in the bottom half of the league with Anthony Gose and as such does not make up for or off-set his struggles at the plate.

Last 10 Games:  .138/.161/.276 (12 wRC+) a Dbl and a HR
Season: .245/.283/.391 (86 wRC+) 5 HR's and a 0.5 WAR


The prized prospect has come down to earth a little in his last three starts, one of which (the best of which) came against the Jays. Still, his numbers haven't been bad and  he's suffered a little bad luck but his peripherals are strong and he's been very good since coming up.

Last 2 Starts
: 0-1 with a 4.50/3.85/3.45 slash, 9.00 K/9 and a 2.81 BB/9
Season: 2-4 with a 4.03 ERA, 2.93 FIP, 3.11 xFIP, 9.67 K/9 and 1.1 WAR

After a dominant open part to the season Dyson has really fallen off recently. His control has been an issue as he gave up 5.40 BB/9 last update which has risen to 6.75 this update. His ERA in his last five appearances is 16.88 and the peripherals aren't much better.

Last 5 Games: 5 IP, 16.88/9.48/7.22 slash with 3.38 K/9 and a 6.75 BB/9, 20% HR/FB
: 31.1 IP, 4.02 ERA, 3.10 FIP, 3.31 xFIP, 8.33K/9, 4.02 BB/9

Graveman has lost his last two starts but his numbers are FAR from poor. He has a 7.80 K/9, a 0.60 BB/9, has allowed three earned runs in two games but sits 0-2 for them. His 1.80 ERA and 2.87 xFIP is great, 4.17 FIP isn't awful. HR's have caused his trouble (all three runs came off solo HR's).

Last 2 Games: 0-2 with 1.80 ERA, 4.17 FIP, 2.87 xFIP
Season: 3-4 with a 4.02 ERA, 4.82 FIP, 4.26 xFIP
Since Being Called Back Up: 2.27 ERA, 3.99 FIP, 3.54 xFIP

I've ommitted him for far too long, and that was an oversight. I've editted this post to reflect his MLB and Ghost status (thanks to e&n4e and Pika).

DeSclafani is one of the names I tend to forget in the Miami Marlins trade, except I really shouldn't. He was then one of the key pieces in the Mat Latos trade to Miami and it looks as though Cincinnati has found themselves a real gem in the rotation.

Last Three Games: 1-1 record, 3.06 ERA, 3.33 FIP, 4.02 xFIP
Season: 5-5 with a 3.48 ERA, 3.81 FIP, 4.59 xFIP and a 1.1 WAR

The 23 year old righty has made his way to the MLB and shined in his first start going 7 innings, striking out and walking two, earning his first career win over the Reds (and DeSclafani) in one of those great games where Jays fans get to watch two young former prospects go toe to toe... 

Season: 0.00 ERA, 3.39 FIP, 4.79 xFIP