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I'll stick with my Diet Pepsi: Phil Coke elects free agency

"Thanks for your 2.2 innings Phil"
"Thanks for your 2.2 innings Phil"
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

After being sent down to Buffalo after Sunday's game, it is reported that Phil Coke has instead elected free agency. Although Coke had minor league options remaining, he also had five or more years of service time (a little over six in his case) which mean's the Blue Jays required Veteran's Consent for him to be sent to the minors. In the report by Gregor Chisolm he states that six years are requiredbut that appears to be inaccurate as players only need five to refuse optional assignment.

The lefty appeared in just two games since coming to the team from the Chicago Cubs at the end of May and wasn't all that bad in his time here. In just 2.2 innings pitched he allowed a single run along with three strikeouts and two walks. For a team that seems to like to have a third lefty in their bullpen, especially with the struggles of Aaron Loup and Brett Cecil, it's unfortunate that Coke was let go so easily. Behind Loup and Cecil in the depth chart for left-handed pitchers are Rob Rasmussen, who was called up to take Coke's place, along with Colt Hynes and Daniel Norris.

With the addition of Todd Redmond to the 40-man roster yesterday and the subtraction of Coke, the Blue Jays still have one extra spot as the two pitchers essentially swapped places. If Alex Anthopoulos sees another potential reliever on waivers there's no doubt that he'll try to scoop him up and give him a spin on the bullpen carousel. Old friend Dustin McGowan was DFA'd a short time ago by the Phillies, but apparently cleared waivers (shocker) as he was outrighted off the 40-man roster recently.

Another day, another reliever we say goodbye to. Who will be next?