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Jays Bullpen Pitch 3.1 Innings but somehow... Jays Win!

Drew Hutchison's solid start not spoiled by Bullpen in Jays 3-2 win.

Drew Hutchison (a.k.a Mr. Peripherals) had a very strong start racking up 8 K's
Drew Hutchison (a.k.a Mr. Peripherals) had a very strong start racking up 8 K's
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

It was the rubber match of the Toronto Blue Jays/Texas Rangers series on Sunday. Toronto having won the first game 12-2 but dropping Matt Boyd's first career start yesterday. 

With Tom out of town I've taken up some of the slack doing three consecutive game recaps starting with today's afternoon tilt with the hope all of them are as eventful and interesting as last Sunday's 13-9 Baltimore game I covered.

And boy every indication was I'd be in for a fun one as I'd drawn the always interesting, never boring, Drew Hutchison start. Mr. Peripherals (as I, and no one else, likes to call him) came into the game with a 7-1 record, though he also sports a less shiny 5.33 ERA.

On the mound for the Rangers was Chi Chi Gonzalez... Wait... Seriously? Okay, his parents have to be Dragon Ball Z fans, right? I refuse to believe this is coincidence... Quick, someone look to see if he has a brother named Gohan or a sister named Bulma! 

While you do that and post in the comments let's get this recap started.

The first inning was a bit... troubling. Though ultimately not problematic. It started with a one pitch groundout, then a single which could have gone for more if not for a great defensive play by Ezequiel Carrera in left. But, a lack of communication kept Devon Travis from taking the throw to second and relaying it to first where Rougned Odor had wandered a bit too far from the base.

Soon after, on a pop up in foul territory Josh Donaldson could have had a chance at Odor, who had once again wondered too far from first, but a lack of communication kept him from reacting immediately.

A stolen base where Russell Martin's throw got away from Travis put Odor on third but a strikeout by Hutchison ended the inning with no damage done.

Hutch spent the next two innings being, for the most part, efficient and shutting down the Rangers' offense. Through three innings he'd thrown 52 pitches, had five K's and allowed just two hits. Through four he'd added two more K's (seven) and was cruising. He looked every bit the pitcher people expect him to be.

Of course, it didn't help that the Jays had been no-hit through three despite putting multiple balls in play.

In the bottom of the 4th the Jays BABIP demon would go for a bathroom break, or maybe to go get one of those white panel hats Buck was talking about, and with the curse finally subsided the Bringer of Rain, Josh Donaldson, hit his 18th homer of the season to give the Jays the 1-0 lead. This puts him on pace for about 38 and... Yeah, that'll do.

A lead-off walk put Carrera on first for Travis and he would rip a ball to the left field wall. A missed cut off (by a MILE... missed two, actually) allowed Carrera to score all the way from first to extend the lead to 2-0 with just one out in the inning and Travis on 2nd for Jose Reyes.

Reyes took the Chi Chi offering back up the middle scoring Travis and making it 3-0. Aggressive baserunning would lead to the second out of the inning when Reyes was thrown out at 3rd trying to go 1st to 3rd after a Donaldson single and the Jays would fail to score another run in the inning.

A single followed by an error by Travis on a play that probably should have been at least a force out at 2nd gave the Rangers runners on 1st and 2nd with one out. Hutchison managed to get Moreland to ground into a fielders choice before Elvis Andrus singled home Prince Fielder to make it a 3-1 game.

Hutch would walk the bases loaded and Gibby would give his starter the hook after 97 pitches and 5.2 innings.

Aaron Loup, with the fanbase on the edge of their seats, promptly entered the game and struck out Leonys Martin to end the inning, no further damage done, and left Hutch in line for the win.

The BABIP demon would find his way back to his seat in time to help the Rangers find ways for three left handed bats to get three straight singles off of Loup in the 7th and load the bases. Gibby would once again call to the pen, this time to bring in Bo Schultz to face Beltre.

Schultz would get a slow chopped to Donaldson but the Jays were unable to turn the double play despite a very good effort from Travis to make the turn at 2nd. The Rangers score a run and suddenly it is 3-2. But, he'd manage to get Moreland to roll over on a pitch and ground out to Edwin at 1st, securing the lead going into the 8th.

The 8th would begin with Carrera seemingly lazily jogging to a lopper hit into shallow left field which allowed Martin to double. A sac bunt later and the Rangers have a runner on 3rd with one out against Steve Delebar. Delebar had entered the game for Schultz to start the inning.

A two-out walk to Chirinos had Gibby going to his closer Roberto Osuna for a four out save opportunity. The young man spared no time striking out Choo and stranding two runners to take it to the 9th with the lead.

Odor would lead off the inning with a double after Osuna had gotten him to two strikes but failed to finish the job. A pair of flyouts brought Mitch Moreland to the plate with two out, a runner on third, and suddenly I lost the ability to sit straight... or breathe. 

A 98 MPH fastball, what looked like a changeup brought the count to 0-2 and the Rogers Centre crowd to their feet in time for a blazing fastball to rip right passed Moreland's bat. Game over. Blue Jays win. 3-2!

The Jays bullpen pitched 3.1 innings, allowed five hits, one walk, struck out five, and don't completely implode (but do give up a run). 

Take THAT, one run games! Release the GIF's!

Jays of the Day:
Drew Hutchison had a start worth of the nickname I'm trying to create for him (.157). Roberto Osuna closed out a nailbitter (.283). Bo Schultz, despite fans not agreeing with him coming in, he gets the outs and a JotD (.136). Stephen Amell for mentioning Joe Carter and hitting a BP homer... love that guy... Hey! This is my recap, I'll give who I please JotD!

Honourable Mention: Josh Donaldson, 2-4, a HR, (.099).

Suckage: I'm badly wanting to give one to Carrera for some defensive issues late in the game... but we won so he gets off with just an Honourable Mention. No suckage!