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Sang till my lips turned blue: GameThread for Game 78: Red Sox @ Jays

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
The first of four against the Red Sox. I'm in the stand to see them all. Would it be too much to ask for a sweep?

Today, we will get to see Ryan Goins running around in left field with Ezequiel Carrera on the bench.
In other news, with Don Cherry's support, Josh Donaldson has snuck past Mike Moustakas in the vote for starting third baseman in the All-Star Game. He is also the overall leader (of both leagues) with his 11.7 million votes and has now received more votes than any other major league player ever (hat tip to Barry Davis on that).

The title comes from a great Joe Ely song "All Just to Get to You". I'll sing till my lips turn blue too, but people will generally pay me to stop long before then.


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