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Blue Jays interested in signing Rafael Soriano.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman mentioned that the Blue Jays, along with the Cubs, Cardinals and a few other teams are interested in Rafael Soriano, but, of course, the Blue Jays never talk about rumors like this, never.

Well, hardly ever.

He does make too much sense that the Jays would be interested. They really don't have many relievers that they have any faith in. Soriano had a 3.19 ERA for the Nationals, last year, even if he had a rough second half, putting up a 6.48 ERA and allowing batters to hit .305/.359/.505. And he blew 5 saves over the last 3 months of the season.

Soriano threw for scouts, on Thursday, in the Dominican Republic. I'm sure the Jays had people there. I have no idea what Soriano will be asking for, or what the Jays are willing to pay, but they did save some payroll room to add someone during the season.

Here is tonight's lineup, we are getting closer to the lineup we expected to see this season: