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Walk-off Win for Blue Jays

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Astros 6 Blue Jays 7

Just a quick recap,  I'm heading home from a weekend in Edmonton.

A walk-off win! Wasn't that an amazing finish. Jose Reyes might not be the player he once was,  but he stole two bases when we needed them,  in the ninth inning. And he managed to trip up the fielder going for a pop up.

Chris Colabello redeems himself for an earlier misplay in the outfield by getting the game winning single. He might not be an outfielder but he certainly can hit.

Jose Bautista hits two home runs and yet his biggest hit turns out to be a pop up. I do feel a bit sorry for the Astros,  but we deserve a big break the way this season had gone. Reyes did nothing wrong on the play.

We still need help in the bullpen,  Bo Schlutz doesn't look like the answer to any question.

R. A.  Dickey was ok, it would have been nice if he could have gone deeper into the game,  but the bullpen has got to do the job sometimes.

I'll add to this later,  but use the comment to discuss our sweep of the Astros.