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2015 MLB Draft Open Thread

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We'll have a draft open thread and a GameThread going tonight....great fun, trying to follow the game and the draft.

The Jays don't draft until the 29th pick, and then they have a pick in the second round, number 56 overall.

In the first round they will have between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes 30 seconds between picks, so we won't have our first pick till a couple of hours after the 7:00 eastern draft start time

You can watch the draft at or on MLB Network.

Tuesday they do rounds 3 to 10 and it starts at 1:00 Eastern, with just 1 minute between picks.

Wednesday we get rounds 11-40, that starts at noon Eastern, with no breaks bew

MLB will tweet every pick using @MLBDraftTracker, and will tweet updates and commentary using @MLBDraft.

The good news? No Bud Selig this year. So happy to see that.