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2015 MLB Draft: Blue Jays Draft RHP Jon Harris in the first round

The Blue Jays picked Jon Harris RHP from Missouri State with the 29 pick in the first round. He's another big guy, 6'4" and throws mid-90's.

Minor League Ball had him number 31 on their list and say:

Jon Harris is one of the hardest players near the top of the draft for me to peg. I haven't seen him much and what I have, nothing stands out. Reports are that all four of his pitches can be plus. His fastball can hit 95 and sit low 90's. He has a curve and a slider as well as a change. What I have seen looks more average than plus and the command isn't great. It's clear he is one of the best arms in this draft but I don't know if he will be better than a back end starter. If he improves his command and his stuff regulates to closer to plus than average, he could be a #2 starter and that is what a team that takes him high is hoping for/confident in.

This is the second time the Jays have drafted him, they picked him in the 33rd round in 2012, out of high school, the 1015 player taken. So he's moved up a few spots.

Scouting Baseball says:

His fastball is his best pitch and this is because it dives down in the strike-zone. He sits low to mid 90's but the movement on his fastball should make it a true plus pitch. His change-up, slider and curveball have all shown plus at moments. Harris' curveball is his best breaking pitch and could be a plus pitch down-the-road. It has a nice, hard break and really can be used as a weapon to get out lefties or righties.
The knock heading into the year on Harris was his trouble with command and control. His walk-rate is basically identical to a year ago; it's actually .01% higher. He has also had more wild pitches this year than last year. So why is he rising if these numbers show a lack of improvement? The way statistically you can identify his improved command is the big jump in strikeouts and a big drop in hits. His K's per nine are up by 3.4 strikeouts a game. That is huge improvement, basically up 50% from a year ago. He is giving up one less hit a game and is yet to allow a homerun. In other words, he is harder to hit, which shows me a guy who is hitting his spots more often than a year ago even if he is still walking a high number of guys. has this video of him: