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Open Thread MLB Draft Day 2

This is the draft we are talking about, right?
This is the draft we are talking about, right?
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Day 2 of the MLB Draft. Today we get rounds 3 through 10. It moves a little faster, just a minute between picks (and often shorter than that).

Day 1 saw 3 Canadians drafted:

  • Josh Naylor, a power hitting first baseman from St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School. Picked by the Marlins with the number 12 pick. There is never enough power, he became the high picked Canadian position player ever in the MLB draft.
  • Michael Soroka, a RHP from Bishop Carroll High School here in Calgary, the same school my son goes to. My son says he doesn't talk much. He was the 28th pick (one before the Blue Jays first pick), by the Braves. There have been a couple of other Calgarian MLB pitchers, Chris Reitsma was a first round pick in the 1996 draft, the 34th pick and Jim Henderson was a 26th round pick in the 2003 draft by the Expos.
  • Jeff Degano a LHP that the Yankees took with the 57th pick. He's from Surrey BC but was pitching for Indian State.
The Jays picked up two RHP. Jon Harris (with the 29th overall pick) and Brady Singer (with the 56th pick).

Jim Callis, of really likes the Harris pick:

An expected run on college pitchers in the teens never materialized, and Harris waited much longer than expected to hear his name called. The fourth-best college arm available has a higher floor as a starter than the three guys rated ahead of him, and Toronto never expected him to be undrafted at the pick it received as compensation for the loss of free-agent outfielder Melky Cabrera. Harris has a lively 92- to 94-mph fastball, three secondary pitches that flash plus at their best and an athletic 6-foot-4 frame.

Singer is tall too, 6'5", can throw mid-90's too, but doesn't appear to have the 'secondary pitches' that Harris has.

If you are following along with the draft, join us in the thread.