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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job Alex Anthopoulos is doing?

Bautista making the case for his GM to the nice blind plate umpire.
Bautista making the case for his GM to the nice blind plate umpire.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't done one of these since May 17. Back then, the Jays were on a 4 game losing streak and things didn't look all that good. And his poll numbers didn't look good either:

Approve: 23%

Neutral: 23%

Do Not Approve: 53%

A mayor with a heroin addiction could get better numbers than that.

Right now....we are 3.5 games out of first place....which doesn't sound all that bad, tied for 3rd place, just a half game behind the second place Orioles. We definitely aren't out of the race, but things aren't going all that well.

The biggest moves he made in the off-season, the trade for Josh Donaldson and the signing of Russell Martin, couldn't have worked out better. The Saunders' trade couldn't have worked out worse.

It is the things he didn't do that are biting us in the ass. We knew we were thin for starting pitchers (and that was before Stroman's injury) and that thinness is costing us.  And thin doesn't describe the situation we had in the bullpen to start the season. The bullpen is kind of sorting itself out, slowly. The rotation troubles look worse all the time.

Alex is in a bad spot. Every team anywhere close to being in a playoff race is looking for pitching and there are very few pitchers on the trading block. Supply and demand suggests that the few teams that are sellers are going to be asking a very high price. At the moment, I'd rather the Jays not pay what it would take to get a starting pitcher. But then, it's his job on the line, not mine.

I think, if it was my job, I'd likely take 2 weeks after the All-Star break, to see what the team does. If we get two good weeks of play, look for a deal to help the team. If we don't, then maybe it's time to think about being a seller.

Give us your vote and you opinion.