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Open Thread for the Home Run Derby

Go Josh
Go Josh
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We get to see Josh Donaldson compete in the home run derby, presuming he is over his 'flu like symptoms'. I'll admit I can watch about 5 minutes of this stuff then I get bored and look for Seinfeld reruns.

They've changed the format this year. I'll just copy and past explaination:

In a radical new tournament-style format, the first round will pit Albert Pujols (No. 1 seed) against Kris Bryant (No. 8), Todd Frazier (No. 2) vs. Prince Fielder (No. 7), Josh Donaldson (No. 3) vs. Anthony Rizzo (No. 6) and Joc Pederson (No. 4) vs. Manny Machado (No. 5). The seedings were based on each player's 2015 home run total through July 7.

Damn radical I tell you.

And there is going to be a clock...batters get 5 minutes to hit their homers. And there is some other gimmicks, but I don't understand them so I'm not going to try to explain them. I imagine the one that hits the most homers will be the winning.