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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We did an Alex Anthopoulos approval poll yesterday (31% Approve, 21 % Neutral, 49% Do Not Approve, if he was a politician he'd be running attack ads about his opponents right about now). Let's do one on Gibbons.

It's been about a month since we did an approval poll on Gibby. At that time we were on game 8 of an 11 game win streak. Since then, the team has gone 14-16. The offense took a bit of a nap in there. I have a hard time blaming Gibby for the recent troubles, but your mileage might differ.

There are things that bug me:

  • I'd like him to replace Jose Reyes with Ryan Goins when the team is leading in the late innings. In part, to rest Reyes but mostly because Goins has much better range. We replace Edwin Encarnacion with Justin Smoak, so why not Goins for Reyes? It's not really about the errors (though they have hurt), Reyes error rate isn't all that
  • I'd like him to start Smoak more often, just to see what he can do with regular at bats.
  • It might not be his place, but I'd like us to have a better defensive left fielder. If I was Gibby, I'd ask that Dalton Pompey be called up and I'd use him every day. I'd get Chris Colabello at bats here and there, but Dalton would be my left fielder. Ezequiel Carerra, well I'm willing to let him go. I understand that Gibby's job is on the line, but if it were my job I'd want to go down with Pompey in the lineup, and I'd tell Alex that.
  • Gibby is having a hard time finding relievers that he trusts. I really don't think that it is his fault. The only one of the bunch that I'd trust is Roberto Osuna, and I think that is where he is too.

Beyond that, I tend to think a manager is only as good as his players, and his players haven't been all that good lately.