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'Looks like' Brady Singer won't sign with Blue Jays

Elsa/Getty Images

This isn't good news....

Singer was the Jays second round pick in this year's draft. They will get a compensation pick next year, but I hate to miss out on a top pick. Even if next year's pick is just as good as Singer, we lose a year of development.

Minor League Ball didn't like the pick of Singer:

Brady Singer throws from a low 3/4 slot and has bumped up to 96 this spring while sitting in the low 90's. Due to his funky low slot, he struggles to break off a breaking ball consistently but he should be able to spin a slider with his arm speed. He is very projectable and could get his velo to sit closer to what he maxes out as. Commitments to Florida are often strong and I would rather see what he does at Florida than pay him top 2 round money. I'm not sure he can start with that arm angle and build.