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UPDATED: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. signs with the Toronto Blue Jays

Vladimir Guerrero Sr.
Vladimir Guerrero Sr.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Hardcore Blue Jays fans who have had July 2 marked as "Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Day" on their calendars for a half-year were probably shocked to see a tweet from the Guerrero Academy this morning hinting that Guerrero was not ready to sign.

There really isn't a need to freak out--there are so many ways to interpret that tweet. If we focus on the word "today," Guerrero could just be tired after celebrating Canada Day and wants to hold off on signing until tomorrow, or he wants to wait a day so his signing doesn't get buried with the other international free agent signings today, or that a numerologist told him that July 3 would be a much better day to sign. If we look at the phrase "putting ink on paper" that could mean that he's actually going to sign digitally no a secure PDF, or with blood on parchment, or onto a stone tablet. So many possibilities!

Prior to the Guerrero Academy tweet, Jesse Sanchez from reported this morning that his sources have informed him that Vlad Jr. has agreed to terms with the Blue Jays. ESPN Deportes reporter Arturo Marcano confirms that the deal is done, and that no negotiations between the prospects and MLB teams occur within six months of the July 2 signing date.

Although Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is still not a Toronto Blue Jay, don't worry. He will be.

UPDATE (11:28 AM)

There were earlier reports, stemming from a previous version the Sanchez article, that Guerrero is signing for $4.1 million, which is higher than the $3.2 million figure reported back in January by Kiley McDaniel. However, as of the time of writing, the $4.1 million figure is no longer mentioned in Sanchez's piece.

UPDATE 2 (12:00 NN)

Just to add more intrigue, the Guerrero Academy posted, then deleted, a tweet congratulating Guerrero for signing with the Blue Jays. Blue Jays Plus's Gideon Turk captured the deleted tweet as a screenshot, then later the Academy apologized for "the confusion."

Amateur free agent signing day is not, apparently, for the faint of heart.

Sportsnet's Shi Davidi also reported that the since deleted $4.1 million figure from Sanchez's morning post was "high" and that the expected figure is closer to the one reported by McDaniel.

UPDATE 3 (2:02 PM)

Jesse Sanchez reports that a source has revealed to him that finally, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has signed a deal valued at $3,900,000. Still not official though.

UPDATE 4 (2:06 PM)

It is official, according to the Guerrero Academy.

UPDATE 5 (3:16 PM)

The strange delay from this morning stemmed from the fact the Blue Jays had to complete a trade with the Dodgers before the contract was signed. According to Keith Law, Chase De Jong and Tim Locastro have been dealt to the Dodgers for international pool money.

There were some rumblings and whispers last night and this morning that a deal of this nature was close.