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Blue Jays Trade Rumors Open Thread: Mat Latos

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Let's have another open thread to discuss trade rumors.

This morning Jon Morosi gave us this little Blue Jays rumor:

But then he quickly followed up by saying that Latos isn't "one of their top targets". Bob Elliot said that the Jays were watching Latos and had scouts at the Marlins games earlier in the month.

Yesterday the rumor was that the Jays were trying to get Mike Fiers from the Brewers. I kind of like the idea of Fiers....he gets a strikeout an inning, doesn't walk too many and would be under team control for a few years.

Course neither would cost as much in prospects as David Price, Cole Hamels, Johnny Cueto or Jeff Samardzija.

I haven't heard any rumors of the Jays looking for an outfielder. I figured they might be looking for someone to take the left field job. Gibby seems to have lost his love for Chris Colabello. He's only started 12 of the team's last 21 games, and hasn't hit much in those games, .237/.318/.500, but that's still more production than he's gotten from Ezequiel Carrera over the same span, .088/.139/.088. I wonder how much longer they will wait before calling up Pompey?