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Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map: A significant service update

RR17 - Tulowitzki

Click to enlarge. Image copyright: Minor Leaguer. All rights reserved, do not use without permission.

Users should take note that the Toronto Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map (permanent link here) underwent a significant update on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Here are the notable changes:

  • BUEHRLE-REYES station is now renamed BUEHRLE station.
  • A new pedestrian tunnel has been extended to connect BUEHRLE and the new Reyes stations.
  • The new Light Purple HAWKINS-TULOWITZKI Line serves HAWKINS-TULOWITZKI station on the Blue Loop, extending back to Reyes, Castro-Tinoco, and Hoffman stations.
  • CASTRO station is now closed.
  • The CECIL Line is now Teal.
  • GOINS and JENKINS stations have been relocated just to confuse you users.
RR16 to 17 GIF

Map Reading Guide
  • The Blue Loop represents the players on the Blue Jays' current 40-man roster. Players on the 60-day disabled list (who do not count towards the 40-player limit) are denoted with red cross symbol. All players currently on the 40-man roster are also denoted with ALL-CAPS.
  • To read how a current player is related to his predecessors, trace the routes in all the directions away from the Loop. For example, LaTroy Hawkins and Troy Tulowitzki were both acquired by the same trade for Jose Reyes, Miguel Castro, Jesus Ticono, and Jeff Hoffman, so the routes HAWKINS-TULOWITZKI station lead on one side to Reyes and on the other side to Castro-Tinoco and Hoffman.
  • Hyphenated stations group two players acquired by the same method (not necessarily at the same time) in order to save space and simplify the chart.
  • The shape of the station icons denote how the player joined, or re-joined the Blue Jays organization most recently with the exception of the times when the Blue Jays have re-signed their own free agent. For example, Justin Smoak was acquired on waivers but then re-signed as a free agent without ever joining another organization so SMOAK station is donated with a pentagon (waiver claim). Edwin Encarnacion was acquired in a trade then was claimed on waivers by another organization before returning with the Blue Jays as a free agent so ENCARNACION station is denoted with a square (free agent).
  • Cash trades are not specifically denoted on the map. To find players acquired solely for cash considerations, look for a terminal station with a circle (trade). For example, see the Olivo station.
  • A station with a up-pointing triangle symbol denotes that a particular draft pick came from either a departed free agent (see Lind and K. Escobar) or from a previous year's draft pick that didn't sign (see Syndergaard and Paxton).
  • Two players on the tree have been re-acquired by the Blue Jays.
    • John Buck's first stint with the Blue Jays began when he signed as a free agent (Buck station is denoted by a "1" in a square) and ended when he left as a free agent, giving the Jays a compensation pick where they selected Joseph Musgrove. Buck station is also denoted by a "2" in a circle connected to BUEHRLE because he, along with Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes (among others) were acquired via a trade later on. The Green Line leading away from DICKEY-THOLE connects to Buck because they (and others) were traded for each other.
    • Liam Hendriks also was a two-stint player. He was first acquired via waivers (HENDRIKS station denoted by a "1" in a pentagon) before he was traded with Erik Kratz for Danny Valencia. The Jays then re-acquired him in exchange for Santiago Nessy in a trade (denoted by a "2" in a circle).