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Blue Jays get David Price

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It is official now. The Jays have sent out the press release.  David Price for Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd and Jairo Labourt (as first reported by Gideon Turk). The medicals are done. What a huge upgrade to the rotation. Last time thru the rotation we had Felix Doubront pitching, next time it will be David Price. I was hoping we'd have an upgrade for Sunday's game.

Price, all going right, would make 12 starts for us, and would be in line for a wild card start. He could have 3 starts against the Yankees. His career numbers against the Yankees aren't great, but I'm going to ignore that.

Career at Rogers Centre, Price is 7-0 with a 3.86 ERA. I'd like him to keep that undefeated record. Price is having a great season, 2.53 ERA in 21 starts. 146 innings, 133 hits, 13 home runs, 29 walks and 138 strikeouts. FIP right at 3.00. If we had to trade for a rental, I don't think there is anyone I'd want more than Price. He's the guy I'd want in a 1-game playoff.

I'll admit I hated seeing that Price was going to pitch against the Jays, always have. He's been so good, so consistent that I never figured we had a chance against him.

Did we give up too much?  I guess we'll know by the end of September. I like Norris a lot. I don't think he's a sure thing top of the rotation type, but I think he would be a good middle of the rotation type. He has work to do, but I think he'll be good. Matt Boyd? Again I think he could be a mid-rotation guy, but he's 24 now. The clock is starting to tick on him. Labourt is a little ways away yet. He's wasn't having a great time of it in Dunedin, 4.59 ERA, but he has a very good arm. He could become a good one.

We have until the end of the season to convince him to sign with the Jays. Be extra nice to him.

In jersey news: Price will be number 14. And Justin Smoak is changing to 13, but then we rarely see his number.

This has been the most amazing week. I loved the trade for Tulowitzki, I like this trade. I'd have to think we've improved our odds of making the playoffs a lot in a week.

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I had to add this picture in a tweet from David Price: