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Friday Bantering: Jays put Devon Travis on DL today and Price news

Be back quick Devon
Be back quick Devon
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

What a fun morning it has been, arguing the value of Ben Revere (sort of an ok player, looks better if you only judge players by their batting average).

I was just going to go out for a bike ride when this tweet came:


It is official now Travis is on the DL and Price is taking his spot on the roster. They are going to go with Valencia and Martin (you have got to be kidding) (nope, not kidding) to back up Goins and Tulo.


Sorry, had to get that out.  Playing a catcher on the infield seems like you are asking for an injury. I guess he's 3rd on the depth charts, but still.

Before hearing the news above I thought that that Munenori Kawasaki would be coming to Toronto, though I wouldn't mind seeing Andy Burns. Burns is hitting .286/.347/.370 at Buffalo and has played 33 games at second base. And he hits right-handed, so he'd be good to platoon with Ryan Goins. But I'd mostly like to see him because we haven't seen him in Toronto yet, but neither are on their way here, at least for the time being.

Anyway, very sad about Devon Travis. He's been hitting amazing since coming back from his first trip the DL. In all he's hitting .304/.361/.498. I hope he isn't gone for a month this time. 2 weeks will be long enough without him.

Gibby also said that Martin's legs are 'beat up more than 'most catchers' Gibby has seen.

Also forget any hope you may have had that Dalton Pompey will be up soon, Gibby says "I wouldn't bet my money on" Pompey coming up next few days. Frig. I'm tired of not having a real left fielder.

And in other news, Gibby says they are 'leaning' towards starting Price Monday and have Dickey go on short rest Sunday. I'd rather keep everyone in their normal rest, and I'd rather have Price starting as soon as possible but I'll yield to the Jays brain trust on this one. Gibby says it is because Price didn't get his side session in yesterday. Ok that makes sense.

And Edwin Encarnacion is taking BP today, he should be back playing soon.