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Drivin' to the Poorhouse in a Limosine: GameThread for Game 85: Jays @ White Sox

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports
We start a four game series in U.S. Cellular Field tonight. And, of course, the Sox are starting Chris Sale against us. Life isn't fair.
We have Colabello at first base and Valencia in LF tonight.


Jose Reyes, SS Adam Eaton, CF
Josh Donaldson, 3B Jose Abreu 1B
Jose Bautista, RF Melky Cabrera, LF
Edwin Encarnacion, DH Avisail Garcia, RF
Danny Valencia, LF Adam LaRoche, DH
Russell Martin, C Alexei Ramirez, SS
Chris Colabello, 1B Gordon Beckham, 3B
Kevin Pillar, CF Tyler Flowers, C
Devon Travis, 2B Carlos Sanchez, 2B
Mark Buehrle, P Chris Sale, P

The title is the title of a Joe Ely song, I kind of like the image it brings. I guess we all have times like that, where we feel we are spending our money faster than it comes in. In his case he's talking about the gap between the image you try to maintain,when you are touring as a rock and roll band, compared to the actual amount of money you are earning on the tour.

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