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The Ghost's of Blue Jays Past 7 - Final Edition

This is the final edition of my now seven part series looking at many of the Jays former players and prospects and how their seasons are evolving in 2015. Thank you for reading.

Lind, Colby, Gose, and Brett Lawrie all feature in this final edition of the Ghost's
Lind, Colby, Gose, and Brett Lawrie all feature in this final edition of the Ghost's
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Fourteen weeks ago as a fun little article written in the Fan Post section I created the first Ghost's of Prospect's Past article. Part as a way to keep people (and myself) updated on the latest news of formerly beloved Toronto Blue Jays players and prospects from season's passed and part as a way to give back to the site, somehow.

Bluebird Banter is, at it's greatest, a wondrous place where Jays fans come together to celebrate our common love for the team and the players that comprise it's core.

In my history around sports fandoms fans are far more welcoming of reminders of what was or could have been when their beloved team is playing well. Likely because it is a nice reminder of what was and what we as fans have made it through in order to enjoy the present good times.

Unfortunately, as the team began to struggle this series became more and different than it was ever intended to be.

Suddenly, and without intention, my little series ceased being about updates of former players and prospects. Not in content but in the perception and personification it had in the community. It, to many, became that of my personal disdain of trading away young prospects and viewed not as updates but as bi-weekly statements of proof to validate some larger point about my personal opinion on the matter. 

And as such,they stopped fulfilling their original intentions and became somewhat the topic of much derision for me.

At this point, these bi-weekly updates have became less of a fun exercise and more of an unwanted, unintended statement of beliefs and values I only in small part actually hold and most certainly never intended to have shine through the articles... As such, they have ceased to be fun to write.

You as the readers don't need bi-weekly articles reminding you of players who are no longer here. And I don't need to be remembered as the guy who supposedly created a series of articles to rub trades in peoples faces.

Thus, I will be ending my series here at week 14, the seventh instalment of my pet project. And so, without further adieu, I proudly present to you the final Ghost's of (Prospects) Blue Jays Past. 

Adeiny Hechavarria
Adeiny has been hitting in the 3-spot ever since the injury to Giancarlo Stanton and I must say, he hasn't played badly. Though not an idea #3 hitter he's done fairly well all things considered. He continues to be among the elite SS's in baseball defensively placing 2nd in UZR (7.8), though his RZR of .798 is only good for about 20th.

Last 12 Games: .298/.327/.383 (98 wRC+) with a HR
Season: .288/.325/.390 (94 wRC+) with 4 HR and a 2.1 WAR

Anthony Gose
Not a bad way to end the Ghost's for Anthony finishing with respectable, though perhaps not the gaudy numbers we've seen early in the season. His defense unfortunately continues to metric somewhere in the lower third to lower half of the league at CF... Not like Kevin Pillar who is an absolute monster... But, different article for another writer.

Last 10 Games: .250/.323/.357 (92 wRC+) with a Homer and two stolen bases.
Season: .274/.317/.371 (91 wRC+_ with 2 HRs, 13 SB's, and a 0.5 WAR

Colby Rasmus
Oh, boy. This isn't pretty. Rasmus K rate sky rocketed this period to 32%, he only played him in seven games and he hit... Well, just look below. Overall, not a terrible season being had by the former Jays CF. His entire line is well above what we saw in Toronto save for the 2013 tease.

Last 7 Games: .143/.240/.143 with a 13 wRC+
Season: .242/.315/.475 (119 wRC+), 10 HR and a 1.5 WAR

Brett Lawrie
Hardly matching Josh Donaldon's output this season (because if I don't mention that Donaldson is fantastic before I praise Lawrie some people take exception) Lawrie's managed to have a very good season of his own. And, to this point, has remained healthy. He continues to be pretty fantastic following what seems like four or five straight updates of being very good. But, BABIP is a bit high, his K-rate is higher than you'd like, and he will eventually, probably, see his numbers fall if/when his BABIP does... Until then, pretty good first half for the former Jay.

Last 12 Games: .293/.341/.439 (121 wRC+) with a HR, 5 RBI's, a double, triple, and stolen base.
Season: .291/.329/.425 (113 wRC+) with 7 HR and a 1.3 WAR

Travis Snider
Oh, wow. I thought Rasmus' stretch was bad. Snider has 40% K rate in his last two weeks (25 PA, 7 Games)... That said, he has a HR so his wRC+ and SLG are better. Tie goes to the power. Snider avoids being the worst Ghost this period. Seriously, though. Snider is having an okay season. Pretty solid for a spot-starter or platoon guy, which is what I think he is (don't quote me on that).

Last 7 Games: .167/.200/.292 (31 wRC+) a HR and a SB...
Season: .260/.330/.381 (98 wRC+), 3 HR and 0.5 WAR

Travis d'Arnaud
Still hasn't played since June 20th so his numbers from last update will be his final numbers for the series.

Season: .296/.338/.535 (144 wRC+) 4 HR and 0.9 WAR

Adam Lind
A one-time only addition because he has some fans in Toronto still (you can be a fan of someone AND totally okay they were traded) and so for the final edition I thought I'd put his numbers in and give everyone an update like I do with Snider or Colb. I should have put him on earlier. I cut him to save some space for others but also I wasn't sure anyone still liked Lind in these parts, so I omitted him.

In terms of WAR for whatever reason Lind is playing better than we've seen him play since 2009. He already has 2.0 WAR which trumps all his totals since 2009's 3.3 WAR. He has 14 HR's and is playing a surprisingly passable D which, according to the metrics, he is TOP TEN in UZR. Like... I don't even know what's true, anymore. 

What is true is both the Jays and Brewers got a very valuable piece in this deal and are likely very pleased with the result. Generally how trades should be.

Season: .298/.373/518 (143 wRC+) with the aforementioned 14 HR and 2.0 WAR.

Jake Marisnick
He literally played one game between the last update and today. And while that was against Boston and he nearly died crashing into the wall to make a catch, it's hardly enough to write anything about. 

Season: .245/.282/.388 (84 wRC+) with 5 HR and 0.5 WAR

Noah Syndergaard
Beast. No other words needed.

Last 2 Starts: 1-0 with a 1.29 ERA, 2.87 FIP, 7.07 K/9 and a measly 1.29 BB/9
Season: 3-4 with a 3.38 ERA, 2.90 FIP and has 9.05 K/9 and a 1.4 WAR

Henderson Alvarez
Still injured, and as such his final numbers stay the same.

Season: 0-4 with a 6.45 ERA, 3.80 FIP, and just 0.2 WAR

Kendall Graveman
Pretty much any way you slice it this guy has been fantastic since being called back up to the Bigs and has shown every indication he'll be a very solid back of the rotation starter for the A's in the future. 

Last 3 Starts: 3-0 with a 0.86/3.18 ERA/FIP
Season: 6-4 with a 3.16 ERA, 4.36 FIP, 0.4 WAR
Since Call-Up: 5-2 with a 1.78 ERA, 3.68 FIP, striking out 5.64 per 9 and walking 2.23.

Sam Dyson
Has had some struggles in recent updates but has seemed to turn it around making five appearances for 6 innings and putting up good numbers.

Last 5 Appearances: 1.50 ERA, 2.25 FIP, 10.5 K/9 and just 1.50 BB/9
Season: 3.62 ERA, 2.92 FIP, 0.4 WAR in 37 appearances.

Anthony DeSclafani
One of the last names I added to my list this kid has had a very solid season and could be a name to pay attention to in future seasons. At very least, seems like another Graveman. Back-end starter who is pretty darn good at it.

He even faced off against Justin Nicolino who was on this list up until he was demoted and I took him off... Was a strange game to watch, two former Jay prospects going at it in the Bigs.

Last 2 Starts: 0-1 with a 4.97 ERA, 3.16 FIP and 8.53/2.84 K/BB per 9.
Season: 5-6 with a 3.68 ERA, 3.70 FIP and 1.4 WAR in 16 starts

Brandon Morrow
Injured still. Final numbers for the series.

Season: 2-0 with a 2.73 ERA, 3.51 FIP in five starts (0.4 WAR)

Honourable Mentions to all the players who have come and gone the last three or more years who never made it into/ or have been removed from the Ghost's (they get removed if they get demoted to save article space for other players, and also because I hadn't until recently figured out where the MiLB Game Logs are).

That list includes but is not limited to: Kyle Drabek, Rajai Davis, Brandon League, J.P Arencibia, John Buck, Jeff Mathis, Nolan Reimold, Esmil Rogers, Yan GomesAsher WojciechowskiJustin NicolinoMike Aviles (lol), Franklin Barreto, Carlos Perez, Wuilmer Becerra, Marc Rzep...uh... vowels...

It has been my extreme pleasure to bring these to you and to see the number of readers I've had in the short time that these have been main page articles. For those who have supported the endeavour, I thank you. And thank you to anyone who has taken time to read one or all of my articles. 

And as always; Go Jays Go.