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Poll time: Biggest Blue Jays disappointment of the first half

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We did the biggest surprise poll yesterday and 42% of you figure Kevin Pillar was the most pleasant surprise of the first half. Now we'll do the negative side.

With a team bouncing around .500, there are more than a few candidates for biggest disappointment.

Drew Hutchison: We came into the season with very high hopes for Drew. He had a pretty good 2014, coming back from Tommy John, and he stepped things up at the end of the season. He made a lot of people's lists for potential 'breakout' season. If you just looked at his record (8-2) you'd think he was having a great year. But with the 5.23 ERA (though a much better 3.71 FIP) and his troubles on the road (9.00 ERA) tell a different story than his won-loss record. Batters are hitting .218/.267/.290 against him at Rogers Centre and .370/.424/.591 away from it. If someone could explain why, I'm all ears. The good news is he is getting 7.2 runs per game of support.

R.A. Dickey: What should we expect from a 40 year old? Well, better than what we've seen from RA. He has a 5.02 ERA (5.22 FIP). He's not getting strikeouts (5.3 per 9, down from 7.2 last year). He is pitching much better at home (4.20 ERA) than on the road (6.04) too. I wonder what it is about Rogers Centre? Unfortunately for RA, we aren't scoring for him, he's getting 4.07 runs per game of support. He seems to have that one bad inning a game. I don't know what the answer is.

Jose Reyes: Jose started the season hitting great, got hurt, and hasn't been hitting the same since (actually he did have a good stretch in early June). At the moment, his batting line is .273/.303/.385 which isn't good enough for a leadoff hitter. His defense....well you know. I don't understand why Gibby won't give him the odd day off, or, if not a full day off, have him DH occasionally. He's had Donaldson DH the odd time. Why not Reyes? And, he should be coming out of games, for a defensive replacement, when we have a lead. The timing of the poll is kind of unfair to him.

Daniel Norris: Norris had 5 starts, an ERA of 3.86 and got send back to the minors. Ok, he wasn't as good as his ERA suggested, his FIP was 5.01 and he was walking too many (4.6/9). We had high hopes for him. I had high hopes for him. He'll be back at some point. Both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus rank him as our top prospect.

Dalton Pompey: Played in 23 games, hit .193/.264/.337 and went back to the minors. Not just the minors, first Buffalo, then New Hampshire. He's hitting now, .426 over his last ten games. I'm a fan, I'd like him back, but then we have a number of guys hitting well and not enough spots in the lineup for all of them. His glove would come in handy.

Brett Cecil: He's our closer, he's not our closer, he's our closer, he's not our closer. ERA of 5.00 (FIP of 4.15. 31 strikeouts in 27 innings looks good but he's getting hit at the worst moments. Batters are hitting .252/.336/.427 against Brett.

Miguel Castro: Is it fair to call a 20 year old a disappointment? Pitched in 13 games, had an ERA of 4.38 (FIP of 4.70). HE was hit hard (.306/.368/.490) and had a couple of blown saves. Seems to be doing better in the minors of late, though he gave up 3 earned on Sunday. Kind of a victim of unrealistic expectations, mostly put on him by the team.

I thought about adding Dioner Navarro to the list but I didn't expect much from him, so I don't see him as a disappointment. Edwin  Encarnacion hasn't hit as well as we'd like, but 17 home runs and 50 RBI at the halfway point seems ok. We'd like a hot streak sometime soon Edwin.