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Gives me all her time as well as loving: GameThread for Game 87: Jays @ White Sox

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Game 3 of the series on the south side of Chicago.The first two games were pitchers duels....I would really like to see the Jays blow them out tonight.
Facing our 3rd lefty in a row. Donaldson gets to DH (I wish Gibby would DH Reyes occasionally, SS is a tough position on the body), Navarro gives Martin a day off from catching.


Jose Reyes, SS Adam Eaton, CF
Josh Donaldson, DH Jose Abreu, DH
Jose Bautista, RF Melky Cabrera, LF
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Avisail Gracia, RF
Chris Colabello, LF Adam LaRoche, 1B
Danny Valencia, 3B Alexei Ramirez, SS
Dioner Navarro, C Gordon Beckham, 3B
Kevin Pillar, CF Tyler Flowers, C
Devon Travis, 2B Carlos Sanchez, 2B
Drew Hutchison, P John Danks, P

The title comes from an old Beatles song, She's a Woman....I like the line "Gives me all her time as well as loving, don't ask me why". One of those questions I've always wondered myself. There is a nice version that Paul McCartney did on MTV's Unplugged, many years ago.

Remember we have rules here. Mostly don't be terrible (it seems like a small thing to ask). No arguing with the Mods, you have a problem, email Tom, but in the thread, let's not debate rules.

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