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MLB trade deadline prediction open thread

Give us your predictions....what will the Blue Jays do before the deadline?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an idea stolen researched from Bless You Boys.

We are about 3 weeks away from the trade deadline. Alex has stated that he would be making a move, and I'd imagine he will be doing something, after doing little last year went over so badly in the clubhouse.

The AL East is still anyone's to win. Even the Red Sox aren't out of it yet. In fact there are very few teams in the MLB really have little change of fighting their way into contention, which is slowing down trade activity. The trouble with wanting to make a trade is it takes two team to do it. And, generally, at this time of year, one of the teams has to be a buyer and one has to be a seller. The MLB has lots of buyers (at the moment) and little to no sellers.

What will the Jays do? We, like most teams, could use some pitching. Like any free market situation, with few sellers and lots of buyers, prices go up. I'm kind of afraid of what the Jays might have to pay to get a starting pitcher.

The trouble is that generally, sellers want prospects. If you are trying to dump don't want to add salary at the same time. And if you want to get younger, you don't want someone in their 30's. But then, there might be 3 way trades out there. I'm not sure how they would look, I see most teams are looking for pitching.

Give us your predictions for what the Jays might do between now an the end of the month.