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Monday Bantering: Travis out until September and playoff odds

Plus the Jays are now favorites to win the AL East.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There are a couple of little bits of Blue Jays news out there.

First Alex Anthopoulos told Jeff Blair that Devon Travis is likely out until 'early September'. That poor guy can't get a break. Or maybe he has a break. One or the other.

Anyway, he and his .304/.361/.498 line, with 8 home runs, will be missing for another month. The good news, Ryan Goins seems to have learned to take a walk, and his defense, at second base, can carry his bat.

Also. I got a note from Zack Kemper of Number Fire, saying that the Blue Jays, as of this morning, are the favorites to win the AL East.

Here is the graph he sent:


I guess odds really don't matter, but it is nice to see.  I'm wishing I could go back in time, about a month or so, and make a bet on the Jays winning the division. I would have gotten really good odds back then.

And a group called My Top Sports Books is posting odds on where Dave Dombrowski ends up. Not surprisingly, the Jays are the favorites. You can also bet on the next MLB manager to be first (though you'd have to be a ghoul to do that). Gibby is 28 to 1. At the moment, I can't see him losing his job, but never know.

Which team will hire Dave Dombrowski?

• Toronto Blue Jays - 13/4
• Boston Red Sox - 7/2
• Milwaukee Brewers - 6/1
• Los Angeles Angels - 13/2
• Chicago White Sox - 9/1
• Seattle Mariners - 11/1
• Field - 8/1

Which role will Dombrowski find himself in?

• President - 5/7
• General Manager - 5/3
• Neither - 19/1

Which Manager will be fired next?

• Lloyd McClendon (Seattle Mariners) - 3/2
• Bryan Price (Cincinnati Reds) - 7/3
• Robin Ventura (Chicago White Sox) - 5/1
• John Farrell (Boston Red Sox) - 15/1
• John Gibbons (Toronto Blue Jays) - 28/1
• Field - 18/1