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Good Morning, the Blue Jays are in first place!

I'm feeling like this all the time.
I'm feeling like this all the time.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It's been 22 years since the Blue Jays have been in first place this late in a season. I've only been on the site for 7 years, so really don't know what to do.

I've had 7 years of talking about how they screwed up last night's game. What the manager did wrong, which player ran through a stop sign, how a player struck out with the tying run on third, who made the error that cost us the game.....that now that we are winning and winning and winning, I don't know what to talk about.

I've had seven years of training on how to talk about a team wasn't quite there, I'm totally new at talking about a winning team. Where is the big mistake from last night?

I guess sending Troy Tulowitzki home, to be gunned out, there in the 2nd inning was the big mistake. But, since we scored 7 runs that inning, it is hard to build up enough anger for that play. Yeah, he shouldn't have been sent, but then he made a great slide, he was almost safe. He may have been safe, I think that if the call on the field had been safe, I don't think there was enough in any of those replays to allow them to overturn it the other way.

I've had 7 years of complaining about batting lineups and then Gibby bats Tulowitzki and Donaldson in the 1-2 spots in the order and it is so perfect that I can't bring myself to complain about anything else. Do you think there is another manager in baseball that would be smart enough to do that? I don't even mind Revere leading off on days Tulo sits, and I really don't mind them giving Troy a day off, here and there.

And it seems that Gibby has figured out how he wants to use his bullpen. I'll admit, I like seeing relievers go more than an inning at a time, but Gibby, finally, has enough good arms that he's happy to give each guy one inning and then bring in the next. I don't really blame him, much as I think that if a reliever throws 10 pitches, he should come back out the next inning, I can understand him wanting to keep things simple.

And the defense. Most of the season I dreaded seeing balls hit to the left side. Now if have Tulo, who is great, and Revere, who is a massive improvement over Chris Colabello and Ezequiel Carrera (at least with the glove).

I guess my only real complaint is the 8-man pen and the lack of a bench. I really wish they could give Jose Bautista or Kevin Pillar or Josh Donaldson a day off, now and then. Or rest them in the DH spot. But we really don't have a backup in the outfield or third base.  I think keeping players fresh, especially in August, is an important thing.

And, yes, Danny Valencia would be very useful. I could live with Valencia in RF for a game, if it meant that we could rest Bautista's legs and arm. And Valencia was pretty decent at third base, giving Donaldson the odd break. And, of course, he'd be a natural platoon partner with Ben Revere.

I'd love Alex to explain the reasoning behind keeping 8 relievers and letting Danny leave.

But that seems like a minor complaint at the moment.

We have Josh Donaldson. Jose Bautista. David Price. Edwin Encarnacion. Troy Tulowitzki. Roberto Osuna. Aaron Sanchez. Russell Martin. Mark Buehrile. R.A. Dickey. Chris Colabello. Justin Smoak. Ben Revere. Kevin Pillar and, you know, all the rest. They are all Blue Jays.

We are in first place. Everything is going right.

I just have to learn how to write about it.