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Former Blue Jays manager John Farrell has stage I lymphoma

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Around these parts, we joke a lot about John Farrell, his managerial skills, and the way he left the Blue Jays to join the hated Boston Red Sox. However, we are all capable of separating the manager from the man. Unfortunately, the man has been given a very bad break recently, as he announced publicly today that his doctors have discovered that he has stage I lymphoma.

Farrell is just 53 and the cancer is just in stage I so from what we know, the prognosis is not bad and the five-year survival rate is high. However, chemotherapy is going to be tough and so he will step aside and allow his bench coach Torey Louvullo to take on the managerial reins.

My grandfather died of lymphoma and my grandmother died of another cancer so it makes this story hit me even more personally. I hope that you all join me to wish John and the entire Farrell family all the best and for a rapid recovery.