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That was a tough one, Jays lose to Yankees

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 4  Blue Jays 3

Well, that 8th inning didn't go to plan. .

The 8th wasn't good. Price was at 100 pitches going into the 8th. I don't know, I'd have kept him in but your mileage might vary. He got the first out. Then there was a soft ground ball single, just between Tulowitzki and Goins, though I'm not sure either would have had a play if they got it. The Brian McCann hit a single in front of Ben Revere.

He could have come out here, Aaron Sanchez was ready, but Chase Headley is a switch hitter and Sanchez has more trouble with lefties. Headley hit a ground rule double and Sanchez was in, with the tying run at second. Not a great spot.

Yankees pinch hit Carlos Beltran for Chris Young.

Beltran got a high fastball and hit it out. How Beltran gets around on a 97 MPH fastball I'll never know. Zaun did a bit on Sanchez throwing too many fastballs, but then if he threw a different pitch and it got hit, he'd complain that he lost on his second best pitch. Me, I think I'd have tried to throw it past him too. I've heard the line about speeding up a guys bat and then throwing an off speed pitch, and that being wrong.

Price pitched 7 innings scoreless innings, before the trouble in the 8th.  He got in trouble a few times, but he made the pitches when he needed them. He also was helped out by some nice defense, though, surprisingly enough, we didn't turn a double play behind him.

On offense. we really didn't do all that much, we had just 6 hits and 2 walks.

We scored our 3 runs in the 3rd inning. It started with Kevin Pillar being hit by a pitch. Then Revere singled, through where the shortstop had been playing, but he went to cover second base with Pillar running on the pitch. Revere missed on 2 bunt attempts before the single. I'm really not a fan of early inning bunts. Troy Tulowitzki bounced one up the middle that Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova defected with his pitching hand. Shortstop Didi Gregorius managed to change course, get the ball and touch second for the force out. A Josh Donaldson single, Jose Bautista double and Edwin Encarnacion sac fly got us the runs.

We had a good chance to tie it in the 9th. Pinch hitter Chris Colabello got a 1-out walk. Pillar followed with a single just past a diving shortstop. A wild pitch moved them to 2nd and 3rd. Unfortunately Ben Revere struck out, chasing a Andrew Miller pitch in the dirt. Troy Tulowitzki was our last hope. He had a very long at bat, but struck out on the 12 pitch.

We really should have scored more against Ivan Nova, he shouldn't be able to hold us to 5 hits in 7 innings.

Man that was an emotional game.

Jays of the Day are Price (.125 WPA) and Pillar (.097).

Suckage: Sanchez (-.416), Revere (-.206) and Martin (-.148)

Tulo had a -.286 but that was one heck of an at bat, so I'm not giving him the award).

Let's win tomorrow.

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