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Jose Bautista hits 2-run homer, Jays beat Yankees

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 1  Blue Jays 3

It was good to see Drew Hutchison throwing so well today.

6.2 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk and 5 strikeouts. Lots of fly balls, but few, other than the Jacoby Ellsbury home run, that were really hit hard. He started the 7th inning and there was debate in the thread over whether that was a good idea  or not. He got Alex Rodriguez to strikeout and Mark Teixeira lined out to Kevin Pillar. Then Brian McCann popped one up that fell just out of reach of Pillar and what was it for Drew.

Brett Cecil came in a got Carlo Beltran to hit a soft fly out to end the inning. I likely would have left Cecil in for the 8th but Aaron Sanchez pitched a quick 8th, two ground outs, surrounding a strikeout. So why complain.

Roberto Osuna gave up a soft single, in the 9th, but then struck out Rodriguez and got Teixeira to ground out to end the game. Big save number 13.

We didn't do a heck of a lot on offense, thankfully it was enough.

We scored all our runs in the 3rd inning. With 2 outs, Troy Tulowitzki popped one to right field, but Carlos Betran lost it in the sun and it fell for a "double" (originally and more correctly called an error).  Josh Donaldson singled home Troy. Then Jose Bautista had the blast of the game, a 2-run homer.

We had a chance to add to the lead in the 7th. Ryan Goins started the inning taking a walk and Kevin Pillar pulled a ground ball through the hole between short and third. Ben Revere was up next and everyone in the ballpark knew he was bunting. I really hate bunts with guys on first and second, there is no room for error on the bunt. Ben....bunted it right back to the pitcher and he forced Goins at third. Honestly there really isn't much space to put down a bunt in that situation. People think bunting is easy but really it isn't. We still had runners on first and second, still should have scored, but Tulo struck out and Donadson ground out.

We had a couple of bad moments on the base paths. In the first inning Bautista took a 2 out walk, got to second on a balk and then took off from 2nd while Yankee starter Luis Severino still had the ball and was picked off. Jose figured he had Severino timed, but it didn't work. Fortunately, Bautista more than made up for that mistake by hitting the home run.

Then, in the fourth inning, Russell Martin was on second and Kevin Pillar hit a fly into center. For unknown reasons, Martin got himself too far off second base and was doubled off. Just silly mistakes.

I really enjoyed the ceremony for the 1985 Blue Jays before the game. It was great to see all those guys that helped make me a Blue Jays fan.

Jays of the Day: Hutchison (.254 WPA) and Bautista (.151). I'm going to give honorable mention to the guys that came our of the pen, Cecil, Sanchez and Osuna. And one to Beltran for losing that fly ball.

No Suckage Jays today, though I think Zaun deserves one for talking flip downs again without explaining why they are better. I'm ok with him talking about them if they actually are better.

Nice GameThread today, 1470 comments. For a change, I led us to victory. Yay me.

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