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What additions to the roster would you like the Blue Jays to make?

I do like the white caps. and since, as my wife will tell you, I never throw anything out, I don't have to buy one, I just have to find my old one.
I do like the white caps. and since, as my wife will tell you, I never throw anything out, I don't have to buy one, I just have to find my old one.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Daily Dish has a post up discussing the "biggest holes remaining on playoff contenders' rosters". This is what they had to say about the Blue Jays:

Before the deadline, the Blue Jays had difficulty scoring runs consistently and led the league in blown saves. But after adding Mark Lowe, David Price, and Troy Tulowitzki to their roster, the Blue Jays have thrived.

Although Price has anchored the rotation since being acquired, the Blue Jays would likely benefit from adding another starter to the mix. Mark Buehrle and Marco Estrada might be two of the more attractive back of the rotation arms, but if Toronto wants to win the division, adding another starter should be considered.

Difficulty scoring runs consistently? Well, ok, they are leading the league in runs scored but yeah like all teams, they have their good and bad days. I wouldn't say scoring runs has ever been a real problem, except for a game here and there.

The 'would likely benefit from adding another starter' line interested me. The starters have an ERA of 2.18 in August and have averaged 6.7 innings per start. Even the weak link in the rotation has had a couple of good starts in a row. Drew Hutchison allowed just 3 earned in 13.2 innings in his last two starts. And, with the (far too many, for my liking) days off in our immediate future, they can skip his next 2 or 3 starts, if they choose. Of course, that was written before the news of Hutch being optioned to Buffalo. Stupid Jays making moves while I'm writing.

Add in that Marcus Stroman has had a 'miraculous' recovery and will be facing live batters Friday (from Arden Zwelling's tweet), he could be joining the team sometime in September. I can't imagine we could find a better addition to the rotation.

So, it begs the question, what addition would you like the Jays to make, but then, for me anyway, it's pretty obvious. I'd love to see them add a fourth outfielder. I'd prefer someone that could play all three outfield spots, play defense well enough that he could be a late inning replacement for Bautista (just to give him some innings off once in a while). I wouldn't mind someone with decent speed, who could be a pinch runner. And a right-handed bat would be good, give Ben Revere a night off against a tough left-hander. And, of course, as I'm writing this, the Jays bring up Ezequiel Carrera, who worked for most of what I wanted, other than being a left-handed bat and I'm not thrilled with his defense, but he will do. He's better than not having a fourth outfielder.

I'd take Dalton Pompey, but if the team insists on keeping him in Buffalo, then find someone who has cleared waivers, it should be all that hard. I imagine he will be back at some point. Maybe September 1st. Not sure why it wasn't Dalton this time. For what it is worth:

And, of course, I can't wait for Devon Travis to get back. Ryan Goins has been doing a very good job (220/.385/.366 line in August), but I prefer him as the backup on the infield, so that the other guys can have a day off here and there. Unfortunately, it sounds like he won't be back until mid-September.

Anyway, what additions would you like the Blue Jays to make for the playoff run?