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9% of Canada watched Troy Tulowitzki's 12-pitch battle with Andrew Miller

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Some staggering stats have been sent by Sportsnet since the Blue Jays' huge trade-deadline moves, but nothing as mind-boggling as this: 3.14 million people tuned in on Sportsnet's broadcast of the game against the Yankees at 10:19 pm on Friday, when Troy Tulowitzki was engaged in a 12-pitch battle against Andrew Miller. Miller was the one who ended up winning the battle, but the Rogers-owned broadcaster was the big winner here, being able to claim that a whopping nine percent of the population of Canada was tuned in to their channel at that moment.

In comparison, about 8.6 million Canadians were watching CBC when they won the men's hockey gold medal match in Sochi. Don't forget that this was a regular season game in the middle of August. Also note that these numbers are only representative of those who watched the game on a television, they don't count those who were streaming the game online.

Furthermore, the average audience numbers for that Friday night game hit 2.03 million viewers, a number that Sportsnet claims is its all-time most-watched program, surpassing even Maple Leafs games.

Postseason Schedule

Major League Baseball released the official postseason schedule today so get out your calendars and start to call for babysitters and schedule vacation days.

The two Wild Card playoffs will be on Tuesday, October 6 and Wednesday, October 7 for the American League and National League, respectively. The ALDS games start on Thursday, October 8 and there will be at least one, possibly two days with four postseason games. The ALCS will start a week after the ALDS, and game 3 will be on Monday, October 19, the same evening as the Canadian federal elections. Finally, the World Series is set to begin on Tuesday, October 17 and may play into November unless the Blue Jays sweep the series (which they totally will).

Evening Links
  • Ryan Cortes from ESPN's The Undefeated wrote about the Toronto Blue Jays and how their swagger and prolific offense makes them absolutely the opposite of boring.
  • This Man in White thing won't end: apparently even our beloved John Gibbons was trying to look for him when he was Trey Hillman's bench coach in Kansas City, according to Jeff Blair on video alert). The Yankees are just one of the many teams that are using more complex signs in Toronto than at other parks. Whatever, hope their complexity bites them in the butt one day when the pitcher and catcher gets crossed up.
  • Despite his team winning an exciting Friday game, C.C. Sabathia was not a happy man later that night. TMZ caught him getting into an altercation with someone at a Toronto nightclub. He had to be restrained from decking someone.
  • No one will be able to write a more stupid article about baseball than this one by Bernie Lincicome in the Chicago Tribune. It's raining in Chicago, Bernie, can't you just go out and yell at a cloud?