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Tuesday Bantering

Matt Hague
Matt Hague
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is Tuesday, right? Without a Blue Jays game last night, I'm all messed up. For some reason I thought it was Friday last night. Maybe it is because I have a nice holiday coming and I'm wishing it would get here quicker.

Just some random thoughts this afternoon:

I like the move to bring up Matt Hague. It is nice to reward someone having a great season in Buffalo. He's hitting .348/.427/.482 for the Bisons and he's been great in August, .339/.420/.475 in 16 games. I hope he gets into a game or two while he is up.

I'm a little more curious about the call up of Ezequiel Carrera. I figured that Dalton Pompey was the more obvious choice especially with having to add Carerra back on to the 40-man roster again. I was guessing that Ezequiel must have been hitting pretty great in Buffalo, but I took at look and he has a .167/.211/.22 in 9 games for the Bisons. Maybe the Jays wanted to see Dalton play a couple of games after coming back from rolling his ankle. Dalton went 0 for 4 last night.

Dalton is hitting .294/.390/.333 in August, as a Bison. He hit 7 home runs in July, but just 1, so far, in August. I like Pompey's defense better, and I don't think his bat would be that much worse. But then, there isn't as much difference between the two than I'd like to think. I'm sure the Jays have good reasons for picking up Ezequiel, I'd just like to know what they are.

Everyone seems to be talking about Troy Tulowitzki's batting problems, but his .219/.333/.406 line isn't all that terrible. OPS+ of 105 with Toronto, after an OPS+ of 110 with the Rockies. I'm not worried about him, nor am I worried that he can't hit leadoff or that the spot in the order is messing with his mind. There are little ups and downs in every season, no matter how consistent we imagine the player.

Baseball Prospectus has the Blue Jays and Yankees at a virtual tie on playoff odds:


I do think it is kind of strange that the Yankees have better odds to make the playoffs, but the Jays have a better shot at winning the World Series. I like that the Jays have a 90.8% chance of making the playoffs, but I'm still not going to pop the cork on the champagne, but maybe I will go out and buy a bottle. I figure that if they do make the playoff, it's been a few years, I should enjoy it properly.