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GameThread for Game 121: Jays @ Phillies

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Game 2 of 2 against the Phillies. Can only hope tonight's game goes as well as yesterday's.
No Utley in the Phillies lineup, looks like he's going to the Dodgers. Goins sits against the lefty, Pennington gets a start.

Today's Lineups

Troy Tulowitzki - SS Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Josh Donaldson - 3B Andres Blanco - 3B
Jose Bautista - RF Odubel Herrera - CF
Edwin Encarnacion - 1B Jeff Francoeur - RF
Russell Martin - C Darin Ruf - 1B
Kevin Pillar - CF Aaron Altherr - LF
Ben Revere - LF Freddy Galvis - SS
Cliff Pennington - 2B Cameron Rupp - C
Mark Buehrle - LHP Adam Morgan - LHP

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