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Jays lose to Phillies

That wasn't much fun to watch.

One of the very few good moments in this one.
One of the very few good moments in this one.
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Blue Jays 4 Phillies 7

Nothing to see here, just move on to Friday's game.

Oh well.

Sometimes we are going to lose games to teams we ought to beat. Tonight was one of those nights.

Mark Buehrle wasn't good. He's allowed the odd bad one. It's the first time he's given up more than 3 earned runs wince May 29. He went just 4 innings, his shortest start of the season. He allowed 7 hits, 4 earned, 0 walks with 2 strikeouts. He was getting hit hard and often. He came out of the game in the top of the 5th for a pinch hitter.

Bo Schultz came in and was worse than Buehrle. He gave up 2 home runs, 2 walks and 3 earned in the 5th inning. One of those homers was one of those short porch Philly specials. He had a much better and quicker 6th inning, but by then we were down 7 to 2.

Liam Hendriks and Mark Lowe pitched a scoreless inning each. Liam pitched around a hit and walk.

Offensively we scored 2 runs in the 5th inning and 8th inning:

  • In the 5th Edwin Encarnacion led off with a solo homer and Cliff (well I think Cliff, could be Chad or Clive) Pennington had an RBI double. We had singles from Russell Martin in between, but Kevin Pillar hit into a double play in there too.
  • In the 8th Ben Revere and Pennington started the inning with walks. Justin Smoak reached on an error, scoring Revere and Pennington scored on a Troy Tulowitzki ground out.
We had a chance to get back into the game in the 8th. After Troy's ground out, we had a runner on and Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista coming up. But Josh ground out and Jose struck out.

We only had 5 hits on the day, a surprisingly low number considering we had one of those rare games when the other team was starting a lefty. Adam Morgan either pitched a good game or our hitters were terrible, depending on your world view.

As well as pitching poorly and barely hitting at all we also had some bad defense in the first inning. With a runner on first and 1 out, Andres Blanco singled to Bautista, who bobbled the ball, twice, allowing the runner to get to third. Then Jeff Francoeur popped out to medium left. A good throw might have got the runner at the plate, but Revere's throw was off line. Then Darin Ruf singled to center, and again, a good throw by Pillar would have gunned out the runner from second, but his throw was also off line.

Bad pitching, bad defense and bad hitting. Unfortunately there isn't much more to the game.

Beyond that, Russell Martin looked in pain when he had to run. Shi said this:

Jay of the Day: Pennington (.097 WPA). He had a good day, an RBI double and a walk.

Suckage Jays: Buehrle (-.270), Schultz (-.129) and Pillar (-.100 for an 0 for 4). He's having a rough time with the bat.

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