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View from the other side: Angels questions for Josh Mayhood of Halos Heaven

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

We start a 3 game series with the Angels tonight in Anaheim. The Angels are 2.5 games back of the Astros in the AL West and are holding the 2nd Wild Card spot.

The Angels are 10th in the league in runs scored per game, at 4.04 and 4th best in runs allowed per game. at 3.84, a little better than the Jays, 4.10.

I sent off some questions to Josh Mayhood from Halos Heaven and he was kind enough to answer them for us.

Mike Trout has been in a bit of a slump, only 1 home run this month. What's going on with him? Is it too much to hope the slump will continue through this series with the Jays?

It all started with a wrist injury he got from diving for a ball a few weeks back. He had one good game after the injury, and all was thought to be well in Troutland, but then he just disappeared at the plate. It's been brutal to watch, but he had a nice night a couple games ago, and last night he did even better. He may be getting back on track just in time for this Blue Jays series. Will it matter, though?

The Angels have had some rough times this season, but they are just a couple of games back in the AL West and right in the wild card race. What's the mood there? Figuring playoffs?

Some are more positive on the playoff picture than others are right now. The whole "hey, the playoffs are a crapshoot" mentality keeps us interested, overall, although if i'm being honest, even if they get to the promised land, they're probably going to get smoked. They have a few series against tough teams in the coming weeks, starting with the Blue Jays this weekend, but the opportunity to get a playoff foothold is there. We'll know soon enough. This is it. Don't get scared now.

How's our old catching prospect Carlos Perez doing for you guys? Is he your number 1 catcher now?

Chris Iannetta is still the dude. He had about as bad of an April(and part of May) as a MLB player can have, but he's been okay since then, which cut off some opportunities for Carlos Perez. Neither are really burning down the house offensively, but Perez has showed solid defensive skills. We all like Perez, though, and he seems to have the Mike Scioscia catcher seal of approval, which is all that matters on this team, for better or worse.

Matt Joyce was having a pretty bad season and he's on the DL with a concussion. What is his status? Do you expect him back soon? If there a spot in the outfield for him when he does come back?

Matt Joyce has been doing rehab assignments in Salt Lake City. I try not to think about him, if possible. I'd like to say we don't see him in an Angels uniform again, but this team is full of depressing surprises.

Jered Weaver missed more than a month on the DL. How has he looked since he's been back?

Weaver has been pretty great in his first couple starts back from the DL. He's had two solid starts in a row, getting by on his droopy, 82mph fastball and his off-speed stuff, per usual. He's become an increasingly risky start, but that's just the Jered Weaver we've come to live with these days.

It looks like Hudson Street is having a good season. Who are his main setup men? How confident are you when the Angels have a close lead in the late innings?

Young hurler Trevor Gott is the 7th inning guy...he was actually someone Dipoto got in the original deal for Huston Street. 8th inning is Joe Smith. Those two and Street in the ninth used to inspire more confidence, but they've proven lately that they can blow up a game like nobody's business. My confidence in Street and Smith is waning, big time, but Trevor Gott is a guy that could become an increasingly important bullpen piece.

I will be covering my eyes most of this could be brutal. Toronto is so gnarly right now, and I'm praying for a marine layer like no other to descend upon the Big A, to keep those baseballs from flying into the stands. But baseball is crazy...who knows, maybe the Angels shock us all and sweep them. Or, you know, they just lose really badly.

Thanks Josh.

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