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Jays to call up Josh Thole for Sunday's game

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays are planning to call up Josh Thole for Sunday's game, so he can catch R.A. Dickey. John Gibbons has been saying how 'beat up' Russell Martin's lets are, and we've seen that Martin hasn't been running well or hitting well for that matter.

It would be nice to get Hague an at bat before sending him out. I never think it is fair to call someone up and then not play him.

Thole is hitting .228/.320/.262 down at Buffalo, but he's been much better in August, .345/.457/.483 in 9 games.

Martin is having a rough August. .122/.204/.122 in 13 games. He could use some rest (couldn't we all), but his leg problems don't seem to be effecting his defense. I thought it looked like he was running better yesterday, but some rest will likely help him out.