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Poll Time: What do you think about the Mark Lowe trade?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't really fair to do this poll after he had that bad outing the other day, but since I didn't get it up before that game, here it is.

I'll admit I was surprised and not thrilled with the trade. Mark Lowe has had some good appearances with the Mariners, this year, after not playing much for couple of seasons. At 32, he's never had a season like this one. It seemed like we were trading for a guy who couldn't possibly continue to be this good.

Then I heard we gave up Jake Brentz, Nick Wells and Rob Rasmussen for him. Rasmussen....well ok. Wells, I would have liked to keep him. 3rd round draft pick in 2014. He's just 19 and all but, he's one of those guys I was hoping to watch develop. Jake Brentz was number 30 on our preseason prospects list. Again he's just 20, a long way from the majors, but he's got a fair bit of potential.

It seems like a lot to give up for someone who might pitch 25 innings for us. I know we often over value prospects, but 2 good ones for a few innings of relief work seems a high price to pay.

Since i didn't like the trade, that bad inning was kind of troubling. The one side says 'man you were right, it's was an awful trade'.

I'm not sure where Lowe slots into the pen. It looks like Osuna, Sanchez and Hawkins are the 3 favorite sons. Cecil and Schultz, I would think would be the next rung on the ladder. I guess Lowe would fit in with them. Hendriks and Tepera would be the kind of long men or, in Tepera's case he's be the first guy out of the pen if a starter doesn't make it past 5 innings. Loup has likely dropped to the LOOGY role.

Anyway, lets have the vote.