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It's Sweepin' Time: GameThread for Game 110: Twins @ Blue Jays

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Clive Mason/Getty Images
Tom has spent the past four days in Montana going to a Jason Isbell concert so we have been a little light on content here but at least there wasn't big news on the Blue Jays front today. Since Tom ate biscuits and gravy from a gas station machine last night I assume that he is now either dead or sitting on top of a toilet wishing that he was.
We'll miss you, Tom. Here is the Blue Jays' lineup today. Russell Martin gets the day off before the trip down to New York. Aaron Sanchez continues to be unavailable as serves the second of his three-game sentence.
Yesterday evening, the Buffalo BIsons announced that the Blue Jays have signed catcher George Cottaras, who last played in the major leagues with the Blue Jays last year, to a minor league deal. The signing was made necessary when Josh Thole was placed on the 7-day disabled list with an infected finger in his glove hand (I hope the Bisons' clubhouse attendants disinfects that before Thole wears it again), although it had been rumoured that Thole was on his way up to the big club to catch R.A. Dickey anyway.
Also in case you missed it, watch this baby:

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