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Jose Bautista homers in the 10th, Jays beat Yankees

Great win for the Jays. 3.5 games back of the Yankees and David Price pitches tomorrow.

Tulo might not have had any hits, but he played great defense.
Tulo might not have had any hits, but he played great defense.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Yankees 1 (10 innings)

Hit tip to Mike @gosensgo101 for the title:

Man, I love Jose Bautista. What a moment and what a swing. A game winning home run in the 10th. Great job Jose, we might have all these shiny new toys, but you are still my favorite.

If you like pitchers duels, you'd have to be happy with that game.

R.A. Dickey went 7 innings, allowed 6 hits, 2 walks with 3 strikeouts. His 1 run was an iffy one. Mark Teixeira hit a fly ball to the wall in left. It went off a fan's hands and onto the field for what was, at the time, called a double. Ben Revere was right under the ball. In my view, if the fan didn't touch it, (the fan was reaching into the field) Revere would have caught the ball. They went to replay and the replay umps decided that if the fan hadn't touched the ball, it would have been a home run.

I don't agree, but then, we aren't going to get any calls in that park.

Nathan Eovaldi pitched a good game too. He went 6.1, allowed 5 hits, 1 earned 2 walks and 3 strikeouts. The 1 run was a Josh Donaldson opposite field, Yankee stadium special, home run. Josh's 30th homer of the season.

We should have scored more in the first. After the home run, Jose Bautista walked and Edwin Encarnacion doubled, to give us runners on second and third with 1 out. But, Justin Smoak popped one to short left field, no where close to deep enough to score Bautista, and Russell Martin ground out.

We loaded the bases, in the 7th, but Josh Donaldson couldn't make good contact against reliever Dellin Betances.

It became a battle of the bullpens. We couldn't get a run off Betances in the 8th. LaTroy Hawkins gave up a lead off single, but got a double play and a Teixeira strikeout to get out of the bottom of the inning.

In the 9th, pinch hitter Chris Colabello led off with a single. Kevin Pillar bunted pinch runner Munenori Kawasaki to second but Revere and Troy Tulowitzki didn't score him.

In the bottom of the inning, Brett Cecil got a quick out, then Carlos Beltran put a single into left. But Donaldson and Kawasaki turned a great double play. Just a super play by both.

And we had extras.

Someone named Branden Pinder came in to pinch the 10th for the Yankees. Donaldson lined out hard to short. Bautista followed with another line drive, but this one cleared the fence in right. Wow.

Roberto Osuna pitched the bottom of the 10th for his 9th save.

We had 8 hits on the day, Bautista was the only player with 2 hits. 0 fors went to Tulowitzik, Smoak and Ryan Goins

We had some great defense. We turned 3 great double plays. All four infielders were great on defense tonight.

And I have to mention Bautista getting a lead off single in the 8th and then, after 2 outs, stealing second. Jose really wanted this game.

What a win! Wow. 3.5 games back and David Price pitching tomorrow.

Jays of the Day: Bautista (.425 WPA) Dickey (.299), Osuna (.178), Cecil (.124), Hawkins (.099).

Suckage: Smoak (-.166, but he made 2 or 3 great picks at first), Tulo (-.150, but great defense and bad luck with the bat), Martin (-.148, against great defense, great job catching Dickey) and Revere (-.121). I'm going to give all these guys a break and not give out any suckage awards.

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