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Game #145 Preview: Blue Jays @ Braves

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's rough loss, the Jays try to avoid losing a third game in a row, which hasn't happened to them since early July. The Braves on the other hand, haven't put two wins together since early August so tonight's contest is certainly trending towards a Toronto victory!

The pitching matchup from Turner Field is a dandy, as David Price will take the hill against fellow ace Shelby Miller who loses pretty much every game he starts despite rarely allowing more than two or three runs. A righty, Miller was traded to the Braves in the Jason Heyward deal that has worked out quite well for both parties. He faced Toronto back on April 19 and allowed only two runs in an Atlanta victory. Here's highlights from that game featuring a ton of his favourite pitch, the cutter:

It's been talked about a fair bit, but Miller used to struggle occasionally as he only threw two pitches in the form of a fastball and curveball. This season changed all that though, as Miller now throws the cutter 20% of the time while the curveball is thrown just 10% of the time. He's allowed less homers this year and is less predictable, making it likely that the new and improved Shelby Miller is here to stay. The only knock on the righty is that he has some mediocre command and is good for three or four walks every time he starts a game.

You can see the extreme change in pitch mix this season in Atlanta:


Hopeful Lineup

If Edwin Encarnacion still needs more time to recover from his injury, today's lineup will look just as ugly as yesterday's.

  1. Ben Revere LF
  2. Josh Donaldson 3B
  3. Jose Bautista RF
  4. Edwin Encarnacion 1B
  5. Russell Martin C
  6. Ryan Goins SS
  7. Cliff Pennington 2B
  8. Dalton Pompey CF
  9. David Price P

Bullpen Usage

A lot of the main relievers were used last night, but Roberto Osuna and Liam Hendriks are still fresh so there shouldn't be too big of an issue with David Price on the mound.

Find The Link

Find the link between Shelby Miller and the Blue Jays knuckleballer. (Miller also looks like Josh Donaldson, but there's not a real link there)

Sit back and enjoy tonight! If you like good pitching, then there's nothing better than Price vs. Miller.