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An anthem for the Blue Jays' pennant race written by Adam Jesin

Toronto-based musician Adam Jesin just released a song, "First Place," that could become the anthem for the 2015 Blue Jays' pennant race. It is derived from "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift, who incidentally will be playing at the Rogers Centre in a couple of weeks. I wonder if there is anyway she will use Jesin's lyrics. (There is no way she would do that.)

But who cares what she does. Jays fans, let's sing this together, loud and proud:

You know it's been forever
Since the Jays have won a pennant race
Now it's getting to October
And we're fighting for first place
Got a lineup full of mashers
Rotation's been insane
and Toronto's #ComeTOgether
'Cause we love the Jays

Yea, I think this fanbase is excited. I am still not 100% convinced that this is really happening--I wish I could somehow bottle my feelings right now and savour them forever.

If you recognize the style of the video, it's because Jesin and his video producer Jesse Glowinsky and audio producer David Henriques also created "Northern Funk" during the Toronto Raptors' playoff run earlier this year. Let's hope that the Blue Jays get a little deeper in their postseason than the Raptors managed to do.