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Dickey Throws A Complete Game, Wins: Jays 5, Native Americans 1

Dickey gave the Jays quality length tonight.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 5, Native Americans 1 (Boxscore)

So this Dickey guy is pretty good. Who knows, maybe he'll even get to be a Cy Young winner some day.

Jays managed to chase Cleveland's starter, Trevor Bauer, after just 1.1 innings, tagging him for all 5 of their runs total. Didn't manage to do much else to the other Native Americans pitchers, but it didn't matter. The veteran Dickey was on top of his form today, going the full length in just 92 pitches; his only blemish being the single run allowed in the 4th. Josh Donaldson added 3 more RBI to his league leading total, going 3-4 with a double and a "double".

Some curious moments in the game today. The Jays had bases loaded in the bottom of the second inning, with Troy Tulowitzki at the plate. Troy hit a shallow pop-up to centre field that was caught by the second baseman Jason Kipnis. Donaldson, the runner at third base, decided to tag up on the out and managed to score on a brilliant and creative slide at home, evading the tag from catcher Yan Gomes. It worked, and Donaldson looked completely fine after the play, but I wonder if the reward there justfied the risk of a collision/injury to the current AL MVP favourite. No, YOU hate fun.

Not much else happened in the game, though Ryan "GOAT" Goins did extend his hit-streak with a single in the bottom of the 8th inning.

With that win, the Jays complete their season series with the Native Americans, finishing 4-3, and manage to keep their division lead on the Yankees at 1.5 games. Furthermore. the Jays are undefeated in September. I think a 2 game sample is enough to conclude that this pattern will hold. See you all in October.

WE Graph:

Source: FanGraphs

JOD: Dickey (.243), Donaldson (.193)

Suckage: No one!

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