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GameThread for Game 150: Yankees @ Blue Jays

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images
In the most important game of the season until tomorrow, tonight he Blue Jays will try to break a two-game losing streak and re-gain a game on the Yankees. Lucky for Toronto, ace David Price will be on the mound. I'll get to attend the game with the human representation of the computer program known as MjwW!

Today's Lineups

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Ben Revere - LF
Brett Gardner - LF Josh Donaldson - 3B
Alex Rodriguez - DH Jose Bautista - RF
Brian McCann - C Edwin Encarnacion - DH
Carlos Beltran - RF Justin Smoak - 1B
Chase Headley - 3B Russell Martin - C
Greg Bird - 1B Ryan Goins - SS
Didi Gregorius - SS Kevin Pillar - CF
Dustin Ackley - 2B Colby Pennington - 2B
Adam Warren - RHP David Price - LHP


Remember we have our regular rules here, but here are a few points Gerse would like to reiterate:
No bad language

Almost everyone abides by the letter of this, which is good, but people have been breaking the spirit of this rule far more often as GameThreads have got busier. So, to clarify: This rule isn’t only about not using f*** and s*** and so on, it’s also about not being a boring poo who responds to everyone and everything bad with "hell" and "ass" and stuff like that. This isn’t because we’re puritanical weenies, but rather because 1) it makes for really boring threads; 2) it lowers the general tone of discourse, leading to a(n albeit slow) death spiral in the quality of comments; and 3) see: 1, it makes for really boring threads. Like, really really. Variety is the spice of comments, so take a page from Gerse’s Expressing Displeasure Through Gibberish Dictionary (3rd Edition) and communicate your frustration using nonsense instead. Examples include: "Well that was a big ol pile of pants." "Florkbuckets." "What in the floop was he doing there?!". Each of those communicates "that sucked", "f***" and "what the hell?!" just as clearly as using the phrases themselves while also staving off a general decline in the tone of comments and keeping things fresh for your fellow commenters.

No GIFs/images during the game
Not much to add here — most of the time it comes from new people who simply weren’t aware of the rule and who politely apologize. The ones who are militant about it are very quickly dispatched from the site, as their interaction there is almost always a harbinger of terribleness to come.
No streaming links, unless legal
SBN doesn’t like being the target of lawsuits, BBB doesn’t like having its articles used without attribution. Vox’s lawyers get what Vox’s lawyers want, so this rule is non-negotiable.
No attacks about players
First, go reread the "No bad language" point and apply it to this as well. Second, stop telling us that players suck, or are going to K, GIDP, etc.
Seriously, don’t mucking troll other sites. Don’t do it. You will be banned with extreme prejudice and your head will be mounted to the city gate as a warning to others like you (okay, maybe not that part).
TL;DR, Mostly don't be terrible (it seems like a small thing to ask). No arguing with the Mods, you have a problem, email Tom, but in the thread, let's not debate rules.

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