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Magic Number Countdown: 8

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So the White Sox didn't help us out.

But the Indians beat the Twins, the magic number for the Wild Card 2. Meaning the Jays could clinch their first playoff game with a win tonight and a loss by the Twins and the Angels. Yeah it is kind of strange. Yeah, it is a bit of a long shot, but likely sometime this weekend we'll be assured of a playoff game.

Blue Jays Magic Number to Win the Division: 8

The only team left that can catch the Jays is the Yankees.

Blue Jays 10 game left:

Rays 3 at home.

Orioles 4 at Balitmore

Rays 3 at Tampa Bay.

Yankees 10 games left:

White Sox 3 at home.

Red Sox 4 at home.

Orioles 3 at Baltimore.

Blue Jays Magic Number for Wild Card: 2

Wild card is a little more complicated. The Astros are holding the second Wild Card spot. They have 9 games left and the Jays number to finish ahead of them is 3. The Astros host the Rangers tonight.

The Twins have 10 games left, if the Twins losses and Jays wins add up to 2 they can't catch the Jays. Twins are in Detroit.

The Angels have 10 games left. The Jays number to finish ahead of them is 2. The Angels host the Mariners tonight.

None of that matters if the Yankees don't pass the Jays and even then, 2 of the Astros, Twins and Angels would also have to pass the Jays. That's not going to happen.