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Magic Number Countdown: 5

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Jays win over the Rays brings the Magic Number to clinch the AL East down to 5. And with the Jays win and the Royals loss, the Jays now are tied with the Royals for the best record in the AL, and they have the edge on the Royals in the MLB tie breaker rules. If they can stay tied or pull ahead of the Royals the Jays would have the home field advantage all through the playoffs.

Unfortunately the White Sox couldn't help us out by beating the Yankees.

Blue Jays Magic Number to Win the Division: 5

The only team left that can catch the Jays is the Yankees.

Blue Jays 8 games left:

Rays 1 at home.

Orioles 4 at Balitmore

Rays 3 at Tampa Bay.

Yankees 8 games left:

White Sox 1 at home.

Red Sox 4 at home.

Orioles 3 at Baltimore.

Blue Jays Magic Number for Wild Card: 0

The Jays now would be guaranteed the first Wild Card spot.