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Magic Number Countdown: 4

Brad White/Getty Images

The Josh Donaldson home run (not to mention some very good relief pitching, and a nice game from Justin Smoak) brought down our number to 4. Unfortunately, the White Sox weren't up to the task of beating the Yankees.

The Yankees get to face the Red Sox. The Sox have been pretty decent of late. Since August 1, they are 28-22. Hopefully they can take a couple of games from the Yankees.

We get the Orioles, who still have a mathematical chance at the Wild Card, but not a real life chance.

Number to Win the Division: 4

The only team left that can catch the Jays is the Yankees.

Blue Jays 7 games left:

Orioles 4 at Baltimore

Probable starters:

Monday: Estrada (13-8, 3.13) vs Tilman (10-11, 5.16)

Tuesday: Stroman (3-0, 1.89) vs Gonzalez (9-11, 4.85)

Wednesday: Dickey (11-11, 4.00) vs Gausman (3-7, 4.49)

Thursday: Price (9-1, 2.30 as a Jay) vs TBA

Rays 3 at Tampa Bay.

Yankees 7 games left:.

Red Sox 4 at home.

Probable starters:

Monday: Rodriguez (9-6, 3.97 ERA) vs Nova (6-9, 4.87)

Tuesday: Porcello (8-14, 5.04) vs TBA

Wednesday: Miley (11-11, 4.39) vs TBA

Thursday: Hill (2-0, 1.17) vs you guessed it TBA

Orioles 3 at Baltimore.

Blue Jays Magic Number for Wild Card: 0

The Jays now would be guaranteed the first Wild Card spot.