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Magic Number Countdown: 2

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I've never said this before, but thank you Red Sox. The only time I cheer for the Red Sox is when they are playing the Yankees. So good job Red Sox, and if you would like to beat the godless Yankees again tomorrow, go ahead.

And, of course, the Jays won. There are few things better than a 9th inning win. Do have to love that Jose tied the game off Darren O'Day, but he got a little greedy.

Number to Win the Division: 2

The only team left that can catch the Jays is the Yankees.

Blue Jays 6 games left:

Orioles 3 at Baltimore

Probable starters:

Tuesday: Stroman (3-0, 1.89) vs Gonzalez (9-11, 4.85)

Wednesday: Dickey (11-11, 4.00) vs Gausman (3-7, 4.49)

Thursday: Price (9-1, 2.30 as a Jay) vs TBA

Rays 3 at Tampa Bay.

Yankees 6 games left:.

Red Sox 3 at home.

Probable starters:

Tuesday: Porcello (8-14, 5.04) vs Michael Pineda (12-8, 3.99)

Wednesday: Miley (11-11, 4.39) vs Masahiro Tanaka (12-7, 3.38)

Thursday: Hill (2-0, 1.17) vs CC Sabathia (5-10, 4.82)

Orioles 3 at Baltimore.

Blue Jays Magic Number for Wild Card: 0

The Jays now would be guaranteed the first Wild Card spot.