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Blue Jays call up Jonathan Diaz

Jonathan Diaz is the flying man
Jonathan Diaz is the flying man
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have called up (actually selected the contract of) Jonathan Diaz. I'm guessing they are planning for the lineup they will need in game two today, after they clinch first place in game one.

To make room on the 40-man, they designated RHP Donn Roach for assignment.

Game two ought to be an interesting thing. I'm looking forward to see who will play.

As well as Diaz, Troy Tulowitzi is close to returning. I keep looking to see if the Jays have posted their lineup for today, to see if he is in it. Troy is crediting his teammate's encouragement for his speedy recovery and. also, because he's stayed around the team, instead of heading off to Dunedin to rehab.

Tulo won't play today:

Question for you, how many of you have something special, champagne or something else cooling to get ready for today's celebration? I can't concentrate on anything. I wish the game would get here quicker.

And here is something to watch to kill time before today's first game. Paul Holub made another video, this one showing Josh Donaldson bringing rain: