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Around The Nest Blue Jays Minor League Podcast Question Thread - Week 20

Episode 20: Stromanity

Image courtesy Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

In case you missed it--or ICYMI as kids these days call it--Marcus Stroman made a rehab start in Lansing on Wednesday and it went really, really well. I am sure host Jesse Goldberg-Strassler will be chatting about this and the Lugnuts' chances in the Midwest League playoffs in this final regular season edition of Around The Nest, the weekly Blue Jays minor league podcast.

Listen to the live podcast by clicking here at 5 pm Eastern!

Here is the show's description from Jesse:

It just feels like a Marcus Stroman kind of week, doesn't it? The Toronto Blue Jays' young star returned from rehab with a sensational outing in the Single-A Midwest League, bringing him one step closer to the Majors Leagues. The Lugnuts' Jesse Goldberg-Strassler describes the scene, and also checks in with the late-season call-ups and additions in Buffalo, New Hampshire, Dunedin and Vancouver. Plus: An International League game lasting just 1:49? Pace of Play works!

You can see Jesse live and in person on Friday, September 25 at Pitch Talks in Toronto. It will feature him, Shi Davidi, Marc Topkin, Bill Chastain, Kristina Rutherford, and Arden Zwelling. All that for $20!

As always, Jesse and the other Blue Jays minor league broadcasters welcome your questions so enter them below in the comments!