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Game #136 Preview: Orioles @ Blue Jays

Chris Tillman
Chris Tillman
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays look to avoid losing a very rare series this afternoon as they face off in the rubber match against the Orioles. There's also another thing on the line according to ESPN:

With a win in the finale, the Blue Jays would be the first team to be under .500 after the All-Star break and eventually reach 20 games over .500 since the 2004 Houston Astros...

The pitching matchup for this afternoon's contest is Chris Tillman against Marco Estrada, which should be a fun one to watch. Tillman faces the Blue Jays for the 19th time in his career and he's just never been able to have much success against them. His fastball ways have been feasted on by the Blue Jays sluggers of recent times and it's lead to a 5.68 career ERA against the Canadian squad. To add to the starter's suffering, Toronto has a 1.9 HR/9 against him which will likely be increased in Sunday's contest. In his last start Tillman was beat around for seven runs by the Rays, which is the only team he's thrown more innings against than the Blue Jays. Over the course of this season, Tillman has faced Toronto four times and allowed earned run totals of 7, 7, 5, and 6 while surrendering at least one home run each time.

The righty pitcher from Anaheim has always defied logic, pitching solid season after solid season despite never looking that impressive. This year it has all come to an end for Tillman and the Orioles as he features an ERA of 4.87 thanks to a declining strikeout rate and an increasing walk rate.

He still throws a fastball over 60% of the time, while hitters see curveballs and changeups in almost equal usage against both lefties and righties. These offerings don't get whiffs and oftentimes they are driven hard into the outfield. Never a winning formula.

It should be noted that recently Tillman has started throwing more sinkers than fastballs in some games, but it hasn't helped him much:


Hopeful Lineup

Get the mashers in the lineup as well as giving Dalton Pompey a chance to start.

  1. Ben Revere LF
  2. Josh Donaldson 3B
  3. Jose Bautista RF
  4. Edwin Encarnacion DH
  5. Troy Tulowitzki SS
  6. Chris Colabello 1B
  7. Russell Martin C
  8. Ryan Goins 2B
  9. Dalton Pompey CF
The bullpen is still fresh despite heavy usage on Friday night, with Roberto Osuna, LaTroy Hawkins, and Mark Lowe all well-rested. With 10 relievers on the roster, it's going to be a rare situation where the team will be squeezed for fresh bullpen arms.

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