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Blue Jays notes: Matt Dominguez claimed, Michael Saunders to be tendered

Alex Anthopoulos pictured with a now out-of-date roster route map
Alex Anthopoulos pictured with a now out-of-date roster route map
Minor Leaguer

During Sunday's tilt between the Orioles and Blue Jays, Toronto announced that they have claimed third baseman Matt Dominguez from the Milwaukee Brewers and to make room, they have designated recent claimee Danny Dorn for assignment.

Dominguez, who turned 26 just a week ago, was with the Astros in spring training but was claimed by the Brewers in mid-June. Although he was very, very bad, Dominguez was the Astros' starting third baseman the past couple of years. But since Houston is a good team now, he had spent all of this season in triple-A between Fresno and Colorado Springs. He has been hitting .269/.310/.410 in the rarefied air of the Pacific Coast League.

With the triple-A Bisons season wrapping up tomorrow, and having no reason to promote him to the big leagues, I doubt we will see Dominguez in any more action this season. Danny Dorn played six games with the Bisons, hitting .227/.250/.318 and is also most likely done for the season as he waits clears waivers.

These moves mean that the copy of Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map Alex Anthopoulos received yesterday at Pitch Talks Hamilton is now out of date. He doesn't read blogs (or any media) so someone should tell him that he can download (and print) an updated copy here.


Keeping Saunders

After looking at the roster route map, Anthopoulos told us not to worry about losing the SAUNDERS line as the Blue Jays "plan on keeping [Michael Saunders] around" next year. I interpret that to mean that the Blue Jays plan to tender the injured left fielder a contract in the offseason. He and the Jays settled on a $2,875,000 contract to avoid arbitration last offseason.

Although one shouldn't count on Saunders to remain healthy all season, it seems that without further moves, Toronto will have a bit of a logjam in the outfield with Jose Bautista, Kevin Pillar, Ben Revere, Dalton Pompey, and Michael Saunders all able to be major league contributors.